Sailing and Fishing

A small boat is very useful to the people here in our small village. Considering we are near the sea, we get our food there and sometimes have fun there. I'm the kind of person who likes to be alone and the sea is my destination when I want to isolate myself. However, let's be practical about the kind of life we have. It's not just about having fun because what matters most before it is to make sure there's food on the table.

Even a poor person like me or most people here can afford to buy a short fishing net. That net is not for big fishing but enough to catch to have food and if lucky sometimes to sell. To make that happen, a small sailing boat is necessary. This is where the fishing net is being placed and at the same time going to somewhere in the sea where the fishing net drops. This is how we do it, by the way, to be clearer here in my video on YouTube.

I'm sorry for being late in posting about participating in your week-end engagement galen.. I just encountered your post about the topic that caught my interest. It's impossible to encounter it yesterday because I was tired from fishing yesterday. It is very tiring if people ask how it works.

Obviously, a small boat in our place is not built just for sailing it to enjoy the beautiful sea. It was purposely created for fishing but can be used for sailing too. But most of the time it will be used in fishing because earning money to have food is more important of course.

So my weekend was not just about having fun. I would not deny that I had fun because soaring and swimming in the sea is always nice for me. Seeing the beautiful view under the sea and enjoying the seawater is enough to consider me having fun. That's why I was not just sailing a small boat yesterday but fishing too.

We sailed first like a navigator before we decided to drop the fishing net. It should be a place in the sea where fish can always be found. That is why even though the topic was for sailing a small boat. I wanted to share the fishing we did yesterday. There are images but it can be nice to watch the video as well. You can tell how does it feels to do fishing with a fishing net.

Note: images were taken in different times.
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Fishing must be sweet and funny. I love your style. Thanks for showing us how you spent your weekend.