Walk Away


It's you who can decide for whatever you want in your life. Other people have nothing to do with it when there's something you want to do. If you think it's not healthy for you or it just has some negative effects on you. It's not wrong to walk away and escape from a place that offers only bad things. If something happens to you no one is responsible for it but only you alone. You may regret it or not, it's alright because that's what you desired. Make sure to walk away if it doesn't make you happy anymore.

Being attached too much is one of the reasons people have a hard time deciding what to do. There are things they always consider before deciding what to do. The value of the people around, the habits together with the community, and of course the relationship with the people around. We are all human and we are capable of feeling not wasting the current relationship of one another.

Friends for sure without a doubt are the ones holding us not to leave. We spoil ourselves to be with them most of the time when we are free. Sharing happy moments and even sad moments. It's normal because we feel love and that emotion teaches us to feel that way.

Being used to the kind of life we have is telling us not to change our lifestyle. There are so many questions we are afraid of going to a different new place. We think ahead before deciding because we thought without experiencing it first we couldn't make it. We couldn't have the same kind of life as before. We're thinking of just enduring as long as our environment will still be the same, which is wrong thinking I must say.


We should understand that it's not a bad decision to leave. It's not wrong not to stay in an environment where it only gives us so much pain. Just like stopping a relationship where it only gives so much heartache. It's not love anymore because from the very beginning love forgives and love can be understood. When the fighting and hurting continue, it's like an obsession. It just means that it's like a self-satisfaction just to think both of you stay together. That's why if it's like this it's better to end it and maybe happiness will be waiting when this happens.

Some of us think that enduring it is the best way instead of leaving. Although, why do we come into enduring when there's always a way not to? We don't deserve it when at first we already know that choosing things to be happy is better rather than suffering. You, we must decide what kind of life we should have since it's our life. Ignore those regrets or miss them because time will come. We realized forgetting the life we used is a good choice as long as we won't feel suffocated.

Of course, there might be peculiarities in the newly kind life we choose. It's salient and most likely we can tell that this suits us better. That's why never be afraid of trying something new. We never knew that this "new" will be the key for us to be totally happy. It will not happen right away for certain because everything starts from the beginning of recognizing. Don't rush and let life dictate what's going to happen in the future. Life becomes more interesting when we don't know what's going to happen. We may not accept it but that's a part of beauty in life.

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