Walking at the Low-Tide Sea


The beautiful sea. The people around. The creatures under the sea. Every footstep I make touches the seawater and the soft sand. I really miss it because this is where I used to walk on. Months passed thankfully I get to experience it or feel it again. Yes, I'm at home these days after months of staying in a place a bit far from home.


I am now staying at home and maybe for longer since I started selling on the street. I'm back to writing and creating content, of course, the internet connection here is better. Then, it was that early in the morning when the low tide of the sea welcomed me. I'm always a fan of going to the sea because this is my hang-out place even alone. I always found it very wonderful to stay there and do nothing.




I was in the deep part of the sea but of course, the sea was low since it was low tide at that moment. I was speechless seeing such an amazing view facing the mountain. Reflecting the view from the seawater while mixing with the seaweed. Stunned. I took my time watching it. I couldn't help but capture more photos with it.


After minutes of free-watching the view, I continued my exploration of the low-tide sea. In my video, I posted earlier about this food. Its name is lukot and if you want to learn more about you can watch it here or even here. You will understand all about it but anyway let's keep walking.



I saw this sea creature that we called it a "bot-bot." If you recognize the fish named Nemo in the movie "Finding Nemo", this is like its house. I don't really know what it is called in other countries, so forgive me.


I found this other one that can be eaten as well but not many people eat it. I remember when I was younger that we ate it. It tasted normal and didn't taste very good, but it's not that bad. Before I forget to state its name, actually, it has no name but we only called it where it came from. From what I learned this is an egg or a waste of a seashell, sorry but not sure.


Before I'll end this post let me show you a guy who was picking food. You can see a lot of people here during low tide because they are hoping to find food to eat. And by the way, it has been a while since I joined the #wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay and #makemesmile by @elizacheng. This post will be perfect for those types of tags since this is about my walking and also some photographs.

Thank you for reading

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Such a beautiful walk love all the photos especially those showing under the water

Thanks for joining the Wednesday, its always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks