Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 154 // 10 Booster Pack Prize! My Art "ALMO CAMBIO"

Hello friends how are you all Hope everybody is doing well. Friends, today I came back with another new art. This art is part of a competition. This is my first entry in this week . The name of this character is "ALMO CAMBIO"


The materials I used in my drawing were
A4 size paper, rubber, pencils, pens, and different colored pen. Now I will tell you step by step how I did this beautiful drawingalmo cambio.



First I draw the whole part of this art with my HB+ pencil. I start with the head first. I draw with pencil on the head and hands and then the whole body. this Monster looking very dangerous.



In the next step I draw with the pen on the pencil of this character. I used a gel pen here. When you draw with a gel pen, the brightness of the picture is very beautiful. And it looks so good.



And in the next step, I draw a river-like path through the body of this character. These are the flames of fire.



In the next step, I draw a picture of fire on the character of this card. I used two colors on each side. One is yellow like the original fire and the other is green. The color combination of fire has been much nicer. Burning in this blazing fire.


Finally I drew the whole character of this card. This monster is very scary to look at. Fire is burning on him. And two very scary eyes to see red. And the face is red in shape.
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