Why Are Drugs Destroying Our Youth? Exploring the Dark Reality

Hello everyone!!
I hope everything is going well n good and I'm also spending my time great. Today I'm back with the 2nd part of the Drug addiction, I decided to share some more important points about the Drugs because nowadays 60% of our young generations are addicted in this horrifying evil. I decided to share my thoughts that how it is destroying our youth and why has Drug supply become so easy in our society? Why our teenagers choose the way of drugs instead of choosing sports and physical activities?


First I wanna say in short that what is Drug? Drugs are basically one of the most horrifying evils of any society. According to the person who uses drugs frequently, when a reporter asks him that why do you use drugs he answered that it gives temporary peace to my mind and it helps me to cut myself out of contact with others. When I use drugs my mind gets hang and I lost myself somewhere and I forget all my problems and realities of life.

I think drug gives temporary peace to mind but the person who uses it is destroying his life and future because according to my investigation and research about the drugs, when a person is addicted to the drugs then he cannot get rid of it and till the end of his life he will use drugs. And when he don't get his addiction he will destroy each and everything. One of the biggest disadvantage of using drugs is that, the person will sell each and everything in his house if he don't get his addiction. Once I was reading a newspaper in which the writer wrote about the life of a person who uses drugs.

He wrote in the newspaper that there was a person who was addicted in drugs, he was addicted that much in drugs that when he didn't find money for his addiction he started selling the things of his house then slowly slowly when everything was sold then he decided to sell his house. So, you guys can imagine that how much its terrifying that it forces a person to sell everything in his house and is willing to sell his house too. The person who is tired of problems in his life, the person who wanted to run away from his responsibilities they are just involved in these silly things.


The most commonly used drugs are Heroin, opium, cocaine and marijuana. lemme tell you the fact that the drug addicts loses their mental and physical balance, and if they take those drugs very much then they just push themselves to death. You can see many drug addicts that if they don't find money for their drugs, they start cheating others, start begging and also start stealing from different places. Most of the drug addicts join gangs of thieves or criminals and become constant threat to people and burden on society.

Drug addiction has become a serious case of our society and it is our responsibility to take concrete steps for its prevention. It is our duty to promote awareness among the people in order to save them as well as others from the destruction of the drugs. In my eyes most of the teenagers are addicted to this evil because of the problems in their life, problems in college and university life, family problems and etc. They wanted to run away from the responsibilities of their life and one thing I noticed personally that the pressure from house just destroy teenagers.

At the end I wanna say that we all have to take concrete steps like rehabilitation centres are the best places for the recovery and treatment of drug addicts. It is observed that if the recovery of the drug addicts gets delay then the patient will be death. So, never feel embarrassment in discussing these problems with doctors and if your child or someone related to you is involved in drugs so kindly admit them to rehabilitation centres for their treatment and recovery.