Today's photo sunset behind the house

You are here just to tickle the longing and erode the wait, from your orange color to reddish purple I'm still looking at you while arranging a heart that may be broken again because of a wait, and now your color is blue and gray I'm still here, it's true this heart is broken again, quiet , quiet like the night
replace your presence with me.

Tells you the horizon, greets the edge of the sky, wants to feel your painting of dusk that you display at the edge of the blue horizon.
A speck of your beautiful light illuminates part of my dark night, you leave your warmth in the cold night.

Maybe just looking at you can reconcile a heart that is shrouded in anxiety, waiting for it to come is like the morning waiting for a long twilight.

Waiting for your certainty makes me like a foggy twilight, hoping that my waiting is not like the twilight swallowed by the darkness of the night.

Twilight you are like an opium for your admirers, let your heart inflame to miss you, waiting for you even though you are only present for a moment, your presence is always awaited.