yesterday's sunset photo before the rain came

I used to be indifferent when I saw dusk, even though it was twilight that taught me, that life is not always beautiful,
When the cave falls, the twilight is the place to vent for the cave,

Twilight brings together two strangers who have never seen each other.
But one taste in the same sky,
It's as if souls are tightly embracing each other.
For a moment no one
I miss the feeling of not wanting to forget..
It is enough to stare into the distance,
But your presence is always warm..

When it's dusk, teaches us the meaning of the word willing and then the night forces us not to let go of all feelings, know that erasing feelings is not as fast as the fading of pride, stopping means fighting the hope within ourselves, leaving those who still want to be approached, means hurting dreams in the heart, understand that I am not just a shadow Shadow.

Under the twilight you taught me how to pack disappointment with smiles and laughter. But you yourself tore the packaging into a cry....

It's twilight...
It's just covered in clouds
He doesn't want to see me...
Should I turn to the moon
Those who are willing to come early in the afternoon
And show yourself in the morning
To accompany my lonely self.