Egg dal and potato recipe


Hello friends, Assalamu Alaikum. How are you all? I hope you are all well and healthy.

Today I have brought you a new recipe. The recipe is egg, potato, dal cooking recipe.

Egg Aloo Dal Cooking Ingredients:

Chilli powder, onion, garlic, salt, turmeric, cumin masala, oil etc.

How to cook Dim Aloo Dal:

First you have to take some dal in one measure and then you have to take two eggs and one light. You can take more than this if you want. After that, the dal should be washed nicely with water and boiled with little water. Cut the potatoes after they are lightly boiled. Later, when the dal is fully cooked, it should be taken down. Eggs should be boiled in the same way. After boiling, remove the shell and put the pan on the stove and fry two eggs with a little oil. Place the pan again on the stove and add enough oil.

the oil gets a little hot, put onion and garlic in the oil. These two should be fried nicely. After frying, add a little water inside it. After adding water, add salt, turmeric and ground pepper. After giving them all these should be fried together nicely and served with pulses and potatoes. After shaking it for a while, it should be given as much water as it feels burnt. After giving water, after some time when the lump rises, add the fried egg.

After some time, the cumin masala should be given. After a while, you will see that the eggs, potatoes and dal are cooked. This is how egg dal and potatoes are cooked. If eggs, potatoes and pulses are cooked in this way, it is very interesting and delicious to eat. If you like today's video, you must try to cook this way at home. And if you like this video, please like and comment. May God Hafez stay healthy.