photography || see the beautiful scenery in the rice fields

hello friends of the community @aseanhive How are you guys, are you healthy, hope you are healthy so that you can carry out your activities for today and today's activities, on this occasion I will show some photos and want to post ||photography to see the atmosphere beautiful scenery in the rice fields

last Sunday I left home to hunt for photos about the beauty of the scenery around nature and our earth, that afternoon the weather was very hot from the sun, the trip was very far to go to the village where the target was hunting for photos, the distance to go there was approx. 1 hour from the house from the city to the village

but even though it's far away and the sun is hot, I'm still excited to travel to the village so I can take the picture I wanted yesterday, when I was on the road it was very quiet driving either a car or a motorbike that crossed the road I passed yesterday, namely on the village road.

Well, until I got to the village, I took a short break looking at the very nice rice fields and the atmosphere of the very nice rice fields was interested. I saw the scenery towards the rice fields yesterday, Hive friends, indeed if we see the rice fields our head makes us feel relieved and thought -a stressed mind will feel very cold when we see a view of the rice fields especially the clouds unite in blue and white and green rice has a very extraordinary art

the location that I photographed yesterday is in North Aceh, Buloh village, Kuta district, prosperous Aceh province, the country of Indonesia, the Asian continent, the beauty and beauty of the rice fields here is very good, I'm interested in taking photos of the rice fields in this village even though I live on the coast of Lhokseumawe city. I really like the photos of the scenery of the atmosphere like in this Buloh village.

that's my post this time I hope HIVE friends like my post this time good luck to all of you hive friends where you are

photographysee the beautiful scenery in the rice fields
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Is the livelihood of the surrounding community farming?

If it's true, it's very good for the economy in the village, what a great view sir😎