I Will Always Love You (My Favorite Song) And Rising Star Game Progress

I Will Always Love You

Love has the power to make people happy, but it also has the potential to cause great pain. Throughout history, there have been instances where entire nations went to war because of love. Love holds immense power, and it's up to us humans to harness that power for good.

I truly appreciate songs that convey love in a positive way. One such song is "I Will Always Love You" by Khin Su Su Naing. It speaks about believing in love and embracing the positive aspects of life.

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Come and follow the road to the future
I will take you. I have not left you
I want to live on your shoulder
I am brave for you
I love you always
Take the heart and liver
No matter what happens, I can love
Leave the memories
I will continue to love
Looking forward to new days that are not far away
Look into this
Are you weak or give up?
Don't run away
I will always love you sincerely
Ready for the future
I want to cool you with love
I will stay near my love
Not to mention a different life
Be kind and love fellow human beings
I want to have everything you have in mind
Dreams are not far away
Don't think about the past
Forget it, my head is hot
If I don't get anything I want
Love and dare to move forward
Never regret
The last two days
I can be happy with this goal
If you are weak, don't give up and run away
I will forgive everything
Because I understand
You are still the same as before
I will always love you
Oh, I love you as much as I live

Khin Su Su Naing - I Will Always Love You


Game Progress Update

Greetings, fellow gamers! @myanmarkoko here with the latest updates from the captivating realm of Rising Star. Currently at level 134 with 619 XP points, I find myself immersed in the dynamic in-game universe while reminiscing about the nostalgic charm of my hometown.

A Glimpse into My Profile:

  • Main Profile: 25 Dalilah
  • Members: R407 Malai, The Ego, 13 Busker, 87 Donna, and 150 Wolfie


My status are decreasing because I blended Pro 071 Nora card. I used 49 of Nora common card to pro Nora card.




My ranking is decresing to 567 to 570 due to my problem with internet. So, I need to do missions more and more to increase my ranking.
Browse the images below, showcasing completed missions and my current rank in the Rising Star Game.



I am just focus on Pro Missions currently.
I have 4 members in my Pro Band.

-Jaxx: NFT ID 6692815 Level 10
-Jack: NFT ID 6747011 Level 10
-Juniper: NFT ID 14987864 Level 10
-Marcia: NFT ID 7836009 Level 10
-Scott: NFT ID 8951319, Level 10
-Nora: NFT ID 15472560, Level 0


You can listen my pro band music here

Stay tuned for the upcoming chapters in my Rising Star adventure as I strive for more XP points and aim for level 150. To my fellow gamers, let's keep the rhythm alive!



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