Wireless Kite - My Favorite Song And Rising Star Game Progress

Wireless Kite

Today, while listening to a cover song, I was reminded of my favorite singer, Wine Wine. Though he is now out of touch with the music world, we spent our youth with his songs. His song "Friend" is like a tonic that replenishes our strength. I also enjoyed the voice of Kyi Thar Yi, who covered his song today. If only she had released her own original music, she could have been more successful. Right now, there are not many new songs that can touch the hearts of fans. Friends, do you like Kyi Thar Yi's voice? Please comment.

Image Sources

Staring at the lake Counting the wounds Each in our imagination How to face these sorrows? Even though we are sitting together, the seas are still far apart Oh, what a pretense Goodbye kisses are cold when parting Expectations Beliefs Disintegrated like clouds Many dreams Happiness Like mist in the sun Glide to the clouds Our colorful dream paper kite Still flying happily together The bonds of love are broken Air-driven fuel run Far away from each side of the world Oh, life is so cruel Air-driven fuel run Broken livers Floating Little wireless kites I haven't seen fate yet I was once happy The hands of the kind Stay strong like this I thought so, but it turned out to be a myth Each wound We shook hands and parted Expectations Beliefs Disintegrated like clouds Many dreams Happiness and laughter Like mist in the sun Glide to the clouds Our colorful dream paper kite Still flying together happily The bonds of love are broken Oh, life is so cruel Broken livers Floating Little wireless kites


Kyi Thar Yi - Wireless Kite


Game Progress Update

Greetings, fellow gamers! @myanmarkoko here with the latest updates from the captivating realm of Rising Star. Currently at level 134 with 4369 XP points, I find myself immersed in the dynamic in-game universe while reminiscing about the nostalgic charm of my hometown.


A Glimpse into My Profile:

  • Main Profile: 25 Dalilah
  • Members: R407 Malai, The Ego, 13 Busker, 87 Donna, and 150 Wolfie

Today, I had the pleasure of buying a pack and received 3 cards. You can see into below photo what type cards I got.


My ranking is increasing to 556 to 544. I need to do missions more and more to increase my ranking.
Browse the images below, showcasing completed missions and my current rank in the Rising Star Game.



I am just focus on Pro Missions currently.
I have 4 members in my Pro Band.

  • Jaxx: NFT ID 6692815 Level 10
  • Jack: NFT ID 6747011 Level 10
  • Juniper: NFT ID 14987864 Level 10
  • Marcia: NFT ID 7836009 Level 10
  • Scott: NFT ID 8951319, Level 5


You can listen my pro band music here

Stay tuned for the upcoming chapters in my Rising Star adventure as I strive for more XP points and aim for level 150. To my fellow gamers, let's keep the rhythm alive!