My Battle Weekly Challenge ( Silent Sha-Vi )



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Hello, Splinterlands Community Members,

This is my second post for weekly battle challenge. I will share my battle about silent sha-vi card in this post.


Edition : Chaos Legion
Rarity : Common
Element : Death
Attack : Melee
Abilities : Sneak

Battle Rule

Mana Cost - 21
Available Element - All elements
(fire ,water ,life ,death ,earth and dragon )

My line up and position,

Summoner - Thaddius Brood

Position 1 - Cursed Windeku
Position 2 - Silent Sha-vi
Position 3 - Soul Strangler
Position 4 - Life Sapper

Thaddius Brood


Thaddius brood summoner costs 4 mana . The ability of this summoner is reducing magic attack and health from enemy team cards. This ability can help to win some battles and I like this ability. When I play death splinter battles ,I always choose this summomer.ln this battle , I also choose this summoner.

Cursed Windeku


Cursed windeku card costs 6 mana and the card contains two melee attack , three speed and nine health .This card has thorn ability. The cursed windeku card is a great tank with thorn ability and it also has nine health that help to live longer in the battle.It is one of my favourite cards and I choose this card for the battle.

Silent Sha-vi


Silent sha-vi card costs five mana and the card contains two melee attack , three speed and five health. It has sneak ability and it is a good attacker for battles.So, I choose this card for the battle.

Soul Strangler


Soul strangler costs three mana and it has two ranged attack , two speed and two health. The card has no ability .I choose this card because it costs little mana and it also has two ranged attack.

Life Sapper


Life sapper card costs three mana and the card contains one magic attack , two speed and two health. The health of the life sapper card increases every time when its magic attack can damage enemy cards. I like this ability and I choose this card for the battle.

Round 1


In this battle,I choose thaddius brood summoner.Behind this summoner, I choose cursed windeku , silent sha-vi , soul strangler and life sapper

Enemy team choose kelya frendul summoner .Behind this summoner , enemy team placed serpent of eld , river nymph and deeplurker .

In round 1 , enemy team started to attack my cards .In this round , soul strangler card is defeated by deepluker card from enemy team .

Round 2


In round 2 , cursed windeku card can destroy serpent of eld card from enemy team.Unfortunately , cursed windeku card is defeated by attack of deeplucker card.

Round 3


In this round , my team loses sikent sha-vi card.Enemy team also loses river nymph card .

Round 4


In round 4 ,enemy team left deepluker card which is a good attacker with three melee attack.Fortunately , I have life sapper card with five health .Finally,life sapper card destroyed deepluker card and won this battle.

Silent sha-vi is is a good card to use in battles.It has two melee attack with sneak ability.It also has good speed and good health.So,I like to choose this card because of its abilities.I think it is also a good attacker in battles.

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