Monomad Challenge | Children playing in Flood Puddles


Unlike a typical day, it is the day when the flood season comes. Water that descends from the highlands and floods the low area in the corner of the city of Lhokseumawe. Basically it is a rural area, how does this puddle descend between people's homes and the puddle of rice fields. The chickens overflowed and entered the residential area which eventually made the mainland and some rivers overflow into the yard of the house.

In the flood season later this year, children can be seen playing amid flooding between rivers and ditches inundated with water. It didn't seem like a burdensome thing for them, the flood became a game for children. Maybe that's a cheap water playground and you don't have to pass or visit faraway places. For the noses that children flood in the countryside it is like a game they enjoy every season, even though it is a disaster for adults who suffer a lot of losses. But that's the world of the kids all being a playground that they thought was a mere pleasure.

By the end of this year it was seen that the water jets were increasing which were sent from the highlands in the mountainous region. It seemed that the sensing of the population was already overwhelmed to collect the water that was constantly being sent, the water was descending through the river's rice fields and vast ditches. So it can be seen that the rays are overflowing inland and the children are jumping with the ones playing there. The flood and rainy season is constantly falling but it is not an obstacle for children to continue playing.

In this region especially, water continues to fall by high areas. People hope that the water will have gone to heaven or been fed to the sea as soon as possible. December became a routine year of flooding and rain that fell in large numbers. And then this rainy season will also end 2022. Hopefully, by the beginning of the year, these floods will recede and these areas will recover and children can play on the mainland happily.







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