Monomad Challenge | Spiders and Webs

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Argiope anasuja is a prey devotee who waits by trapping his prey in a net created by himself. It is a species of spider that lives in shrubs. This species lives and makes its nests on wooden branches, or other places such as grass. In some small towns this spider can still be found easily, especially in highlands such as Takengon which is in the province of Aceh, the country of Indonesia.

As for this argioope, it is one of the insects that is very shrewd at trapping its prey. Then all he had to do was first of all; yes gotta build now with a wide trap. Then he had to wait patiently for how many hours or how many days later, hoping that there would be a fly or other insect that entered the trap nest in his trap. When a fly gets stuck in a cobweb, this flesh-eating creature, moving at high speed and agilely catches and preys on its spiders that it has fished on its powerful web.

When a fly is trapped in its network, or a poor bee and gets caught in the sticky spider web, Makassar spiders will also darken the party by enjoying a delicious meal menu that has been carried out and struggling for days. Then it is appropriate for both a male and female spider to enjoy its catch.

As for the prey entangled there, it is not easy to break free from the entanglement of the very sticky net. For a fly or bee entangled there, no matter how strong he is, he will despair there And can do nothing but be a delicious menu of dishes for the spider and I wish the spider a happy cloudy evening with a delicious menu tonight.

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I'm going to put this (Spiders and Webs) into a daily #monomad contest organized and curated by @monochromes

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