Monomad Challenge | True Beetle With a Muzzle Face


Weevil is a beetle with a characteristic long snout. These beetles are part of a family of true beetles also known as herbivorous beetles. As for the shape of this beetle, it has a distinctive color, namely leaf green. A color that always serves as a chameleon or a world of disguise. In general, weevil beetles are benign beetles.

This snout beetle is also very fond of foliage and branches as a shelter. In the afternoon after the rain fell, I returned to love in Bali with a few leaves. At first I found them i.e. true snout beetles mating on branches of forest trees. I took a few photos but it looked like the lovers were dodging and kind of shyly realizing they were inside the camera lens. I understood the situation and pushed them too hard, and then I saw the male fly away with displeasure.

These are some of the photos of true beetles I got this afternoon after the rain. And always I chased the male I found him behind the leaves. It looked like he was angry again and he understood the situation, I just needed how many breakups to take away the beauty. The real germ initially dodged and I took a few photos of him, but then it seemed like he no longer wanted to make a sound to run to see him and accept how many shots from me forcefully.



1671279017116 (1).jpg



I'm going to put this (True Beetle With a Muzzle Face) into a daily #monomad contest organized and curated by @monochromes

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