Monomad Challenge || The Koksi beetle


The Koksi beetle is a beetle with a small body. In general, these beetles are not active, they are passive and lazy to move. Kemang is a pest for palm oil plants, especially rice. Then it will be a disaster for farmers when these beetles are rampant and the body multiplies rapidly. Even though she was petite and beautiful, she was hated by the farmers.

Koksi beetles are also classified as pests or leafhoppers. As a pest of this flower it is very harmful to the foliage and grains of rice that are still young. He enjoyed sucking on series of herbs that would turn into fruit. So everywhere the habit is that these beetles are poisoned and or by spraying by farmers. Don't be so you this little beetle will be able to be overcome, by cleaning it with poison.

I think everywhere these beetles will be hostile as well as grow beautiful and look attractive. In the morning yesterday, yes, you were easily found standing on the stalks of weeds, he seemed to be resting or still sleeping. That way we will easily shoot with a camera as well as a cellphone camera or other camera.


1670848320481 (1).jpg


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I'm going to put this (The Koksi beetle) into a daily #monomad contest organized and curated by @monochromes

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