Introduction is very important in every organization.when you are new to an organization,there is the need for you to introduce yourself to your co workers and this is usually done by one of the senior staff of the who takes you around and introduce you to other staffs of the organization.As a newcomer introduction helps you to familiarize yourself with the environment,it helps you to fit into job and at the same time is also enable you to be able to relate wit your co-workers and even the people outside the organization.The same thing is applicable to hive .

Hive is a social platform built on a Blockchain,it is a social site powered by hive hive as a social media platform that gives you the opportunity to build a living for yourself and the hive community in general,it is a community where users are been rewarded for their work done on the platform,being a social media platform it gives you the opportunity to post contents and ideas which I will say is in the form of blogging and this platform rewards you
for what ever you are posting on the platform as long as they are not against the rules of hive and it's community.

But as a newcomer or newbie, there is the need for you to introduce yourself to the hive community before you can take on any activities on as i have mentioned earlier on you introducing yourself to the hive community give you the opportunity to interact with the community,here you can ask questions if you are not clear or feel you don't really understand some aspects in hive since it is a very big community with millions of users

Secondly introduction helps the newbie to know the do and don't of it stands every organizations has their rules which you must not go against,so the same thing is applicable on hive .one major rule that I can categorically say that is against the rules of hive is as a newbie you must have this at the back of your mind.

Another importance of introducing yourself to the hive community is that ,hive being a social platform give you the recognition that is need in the hive community which inturn helps you to get a lot of viewers when you post your contents most especially when you joking any of communities that are on hive.