The Painter, The Psychologist and The Night Club Toilet.


It was the end of another week, and she was tired, so many patients and so many troubles.All she needed (was a good drink to start the weekend. She decided to call her friends and meet them at their favorite nightclub.

It was Friday evening his shift was about to finish when his boss told him the handyman already finished fixing the toilet so he could paint the walls before leaving. He was tired and upset the last thing he wanted to do on a Friday night was paint a toilet wall.
But he did his job and went to the supplies room to get the paint, put a sign outside the toilet to show it was out of order, and started painting.

She was already at the nightclub, she wanted to be there early to get the free flow promo. One shot, two shots, three shoots. The music was loud, her hair was down, and she felt all the problems her clients dumped on her were gone.

He was at the toilet stall just vibing with the music, enjoying the energy coming from outside. At least he wasn’t stuck in traffic.

The line outside the ladies' room was long, as usual. She couldn’t wait.She took a look at the toilet on the other side, the one that was for the staff, she saw that it had an out of order sign but, she thought it was just a sign so other people couldn’t use it.

She looked around and decided to enter when she opened the door and she saw him; shirtless, in jeans, and covered in paint.

  • You can’t be here, didn’t you see the sign outside?
  • Yes, I did. But, I was just checking and, from what I can see it is not out of order.
  • How can you be sure?
    -Well, you are painting, which means it is ready to be used.
  • Aren't you clever
  • Oh c’mon! It would take a minute, the line outside the ladies' room is super long.
  • OK, but you can't say anything.

She did a gesture over her lips, simulating her closing them with a zipper.He thought it was funny and cute.

  • So, why are you painting so late? She thought that by making conversation he wouldn’t hear her peeing.
  • Why are you asking me that?
    -Just making conversation.
  • The other guy finished late, and I was told to do it now.
  • Do you always do what you are told?

She could not believe she said that, but it was said. She hoped he had a clever answer for it.

  • It depends.
  • On what?
  • On who is asking
    -* I am.*
  • Yes, I do. What do I have to do?

She opened the stall door and made a sign with her hand, asking him to come inside.

He didn’t hesitate, walked inside the restroom, grabed her by the neck and kissed her. She gave up to his kiss it was manly, it was strong.

He picked her up, and pushed her against the wall, they both looked at each other, there was nothing to say, they both knew what was about to happen.

Deep fast kisses, bites on the neck. The clothes were on the way
He pulled down her pants, she opened her mouth and moaned when he started eating her pussy.

He couldn’t believe it, he was there at his job, eating a total stranger.

He could lose his job, someone could enter and see them. But, he didn’t care, his mind was too cloudy with desire for this woman.
He couldn't resist, he had to have her. He pulled down his pants, grabbed her in the air, and pushed himself into her.

They locked their eyes, he could see what she wanted.

She was full of ecstacy, her mind was a mess as his. Shefelt a desire for that man, she wanted him.

She holded tight to his neck, kissed him, and let him lifted her in the air, and pushed her against the wall.

They both moaned while looking into each other’s eyes, they felt each other.

He pounded her, one time, two times, three times… so many times.
The beat of the music coming from outside the toilet was giving them the perfect soundtrack for that moment. Two strangers, one night, and a perfect opportunity couldn’t be missed.

They could feel how their bodies were trembling, their breathing was agitated, and climax was close. One more kiss, one more strong pounding, and the toilet was filled with an animal scream of pleasure.

A heavy, deep, last breath, and a shy smile at each other. Her feet touched the floor again. He pulled up his pants again, she was going to pull her pants also when she had one more crazy thought. Instead of pulling her panties she decided to put them inside his pocket.

A kiss on his cheek and she pulled her pants, went outside, and washed her hands. She walked towards the door, turned around, and winked at him.

He was inside the toilet stall with his unbuttoned jeans, in shock at what had just happened. He washed his hands and went back to paint the walls.

She returned to the dance floor, ordered the last drink, said goodbye to her friends, and went home.

Image by Nina Edmondson from Pixabay