What did you wish for Mummy?


"Mummy! mummy!!", Elizabeth cried out. "I want that's dress", she said pointing to the blue dress Cinderella wore on the tv screen.

"And where do you suppose to you'll wear it to pumpkin?", Jessica asked her.

"Nowhere mummy, I just want to wear it so my prince charming will find me", she replied.

"I'm sure your prince charming will find you no matter what you wear. Now off to bed young lady, you have school tomorrow".

Elizabeth held Jessica by her hand as they made their way to her bedroom. The doors where never ever fully closed just Incase Elizabeth got scared and she wanted to go to her parents room. Jessica tucked her in bed and kissed her forehead as she dimmed the night light.

"Have you ever made a wish mummy?", Elizabeth asked just as Jessica was about to leave the room.

"Yes pumpkin", she replied, "I have".

"Did it come true?".

"It's sure did, now go to sleep".

"What did you wish for?", Elizabeth yawned.

"I'll tell you tomorrow", Jessica replied as she slightly closed the door, leaving it opened enough to let the light in the halls illuminate a corner of Elizabeth's room.

She walked down to the kitchen to get a glass of milk before she retired to her bed for the day. As she made her way down the stairs, see saw a loose button from one of Elizabeth's toy. She picked it up and smiled. She could not help but think about her daughter's question.

The full moon was beautiful, she sat next to the kitchen window above the sink and watched the stars tinkle in the night sky.

Five years ago before she got married, she was declared barren. Derrick, her husband choose to marry her regardless but she never felt like she could give him a complete home, one with little children running in the halls of their apartment. Even after the marriage, she could not shake the feeling of something missing.

She woke up one morning feeling dizzy. At first, she and Derrick thought her cancer was back but after a visit to the doctor later that day, she was told she was pregnant and had a small case of morning sickness.

"If this is a joke Doctor, it's not a very funny one", she remembered telling the doctor.

"I assure you madam, it's not joke. You're two months pregnant", he replied, handing her the results.

Nine months later, Elizabeth was born, beautiful and healthy.

As Jessica sat by the window watching the stars, she remembered how she would wake up every night a week after she got married, wishing she had a child of her own.

Her life was complete now, she had everything she wished for.

"They really do come true pumpkin", she said to herself holding up the button to her face. She finished the cup of milk and joined Derrick in their bedroom with a smile on her face. Her life wasn't a fairytale but she got her wish, Elizabeth was her wish.


Those were beautiful moments of reflection and gratitude felt by Jessica as she thanked her lucky stars for having made her wish come true.
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You skillfully portrayed Jessica's perspective as a mother here, emphasizing her belief that true love and happiness come from within and are not dependent on external appearances.