CODM: Accumulating kills using Switchblade X9 [ES-EN]

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Greetings friends of Hive Gaming!

A new game in Call of Duty Mobile, this time playing in Battle Royale mode on the Insolated map with a great friend whose nickname in the game is Fokiung.

We fell into the farm area and this time I wanted to do a game playing in first person, to practice this style of play.

I equipped myself and then I got my first opponent who I took down using a Koshka. The second takedown I did with a Swtichblade X9.

I then alternated with the Koshka and the rest of the kills I did again with the Switchblade X9.

My partner was shot down and then it was my turn to go out and revive him, I threw a smoke grenade and luckily I hit the target.

In the distance I saw an enemy team, I tried to shoot down one of them but it got away from me and when I was shooting at the other one they shot down my partner again. I quickly went to his rescue and managed to shoot down this enemy that was attacking him.

I tried to revive him but with 1 second left another enemy appeared, so I started the confrontation. He managed to take my vest but quickly dodging his shots I finally eliminated him, being this the last remaining enemy and automatically giving us the victory.

There were 11 casualties in a very entertaining game with my partner.

I hope you enjoy the video and soon I will be sharing new Call Of Duty Mobile games.

Saludos amigos de Hive Gaming!

Una nueva partida en Call of Duty Mobile, esta vez jugando en el modo Battle Royale en el mapa Isolated junto a un gran amigo cuyo nick en el juego es Fokiung.

Caímos en la zona de granja y esta vez quise hacer una partida jugando en primera persona, para practicar este estilo de juego.

Me equipé y ya luego me conseguí con mi primer oponente el cual derribé utilizando una Koshka. La segunda baja la hice con una Swtichblade X9.

Luego alterné con la Koshka y el resto de las muertes las hice nuevamente con la Switchblade X9.

Mi compañero fue derribado y luego me tocó salir a reanimarlo, lancé una granada de humo y por suerte logré el objetivo.

A lo lejos vi un equipo enemigo, intenté derribar a uno pero se me escapó y al estarle disparando al otro derriban nuevamente a mi compañero. Fui rápidamente a su rescate y logré derribar a este enemigo que lo atacaba.

Intenté reanimarlo pero al faltar 1 segundo apareció otro enemigo, así que inicié el enfrentamiento. Logró quitarme el chaleco pero esquivando rápidamente sus disparos finalmente lo eliminé, siendo este el ultimo enemigo que quedaba y dándonos automáticamente la victoria.

Fueron 11 bajas en una partida bastante entretenida junto a mi compañero.

Espero que se disfruten el video y ya pronto les estaré compartiendo nuevas partidas de Call Of Duty Mobile.

Video editado en Capcut
Musica de la aplicación
Grabado con un Moto g31

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I really liked your video, man. You made a really nice edit and you play the game well.

However, I can't say the same for your activity. You should visit other authors' posts on Hive Gaming and increase your activity, if you visit their post, they will visit your post and comment. This is the only way you can progress on Hive.


Greetings my friend. Thank you very much for your recommendations, I will take them into account and start interacting more with the rest of the community and platform partners. I'm glad you enjoyed my video. Thanks for your support.


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