Who are your Benficiaries?

How great is the process of applying beneficiaries to your content? I have gone into Hive searching and all I really find for its application, is communities and projects. Don't get me wrong this is a great use for this tool. But is that all? I have found a few posts that apply individuals, alas no reasoning for doing so.

Obviously curated content posts use beneficiary. Though I have seen a couple that don’t appear to do so. Though I have to ask is this all as a community we ask of ourselves?

Let me walk back down memory lane a bit. Early days of web 2.0 when several social networking sites had blogs as part of your profile. Those of us who believed that a diversified social sharing world should exist became writers.

When someone inspired us we posted their name, and found something of theirs online to link to. This was a sharing economy after all. To retain audience trust in us we scoured cybersapce for new people to expose our audience to. Comments and backlinks were our currency amongst each other.


Now back to the present, I see all of that here on Hive and find myself ecstatic. But this is all web 2.0 style of operations. The upvote tokenization is really only an web 3.0 overlay. Yes this is only my humble opinion but our individual processes should upgrade to web 3.0 too.

What I mean by that is putting beneficiaries to more use. I am still working on my own personal mental upgrade. However when I mention someone in a blog post I want to not just link to them but also add that web 3.0 tokenization too. If someone inspires a blog post form me yes a mention and a backlink but also that web 3.0 token too.

Before I posted my self introduction, I was thinking that 50% should be placed into beneficiaries. That quickly changed to 5% each with a max of 50%. With that thought in mind I headed over to @evernoticethat post building your crypto snowball and left a comment. After reading him telling me not to do that and grow 1st, I decided to rethink it a bit.

The need to grow is paramount here on Hive no matter if you are a plankton or any other sea creature. I thought back to those early days in web 2.0. I realized it was more the symbol of backlinks, comments, and mentions that we used. As such the use of beneficary could be more a symbol of appreciation. So on that 1st post I placed 1% on each. My thoughts are still evolving on the subject, so feel free to voice your own thoughts. Yesterdays post made me think that a minimum of 3% total should be applied to each of my posts. So after a bit of work with the Hive Librarian I found 2 new Hive members listed below.


2 new Hive members to bring our beneficiary level to my personal minimum of 3% total.

1- @iamtcms has started her Hive posting with samples of her NFTs.

2- @seancallow With her intro is also some Pandan weaving information.

I forgot to add a question to my last post but this is also something I want to add to each of my posts. So todays question.

Other then the ones mentioned in this post how can you show appreciation to those who inspire a post from you or in some way participate in that posts creation?


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