The Explanation that Brings to End All the Gender Wars


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I hope no one is hearing about the Gender Wars for the first time.

In recent years this has been raging, especially online. Women (especially those identifying as feminists) criticize men and men (more recently, especially those identifying as "alpha males" and "real men") criticize women too. These back and forth from the both groups online has come to be known as gender wars.

Notice the use of "especially" used above to mention the groups of men/women involved, that is to say, it's not always members of these groups but mostly them. Online, even those not really part of these groups can join the gender wars by simply making posts thrashing or criticizing the opposite genders. The wars rage on.

Sometimes to have fun I join in making some posts against the females too, but don't sue me, I always make sure it is the truth I'm saying and that I'm not being biased too. Also, I try to make sure I let everyone know that I'm not saying men are better, men have their wrongs and women have their wrongs, I'm going to point out the wrongs of women, go on women, and have fun pointing that of men and let's still stay friends.

That's how I do it and if you give it some thought you'll agree that's the way it should be done. Because it's friendly, truthful, and all that. But more recently I'm hardly interested in pointing out the wrongs and joining the gender wars because things are getting so hostile out there on the net and every day I realize more and more that people don't know what I know about genders.

The Explanation that Should End All These

And that thing people don't know which keeps the gender wars raging is that no gender is generally better than the other. They're both messed up. Humans in general are mostly messed up, some just happen to be males and others females. And our enemies are not the other gender but simply messed up people. We should hate the messed up people of our gender as much as we hate that of the opposite gender.

To get a further understanding of these things, think, what are the things about the opposite gender that you think are stupid? List them then ask yourself do the good members of that gender do that? Of course not!

Secondly, think about your gender, are there not wrong things done by most members of your gender that the good members of your gender would not do? Based on this do you not realize that the only enemy is the bad members of both genders? Why then are you feeling bitter towards the other gender when it is only their bad members you should feel bitter about?

Why then are you talking about your gender like they're better when you know it's only the few good members of your gender that are worth anything?

More Context..

Both genders are all sinners, they only mostly sin differently, based on their different natural abilities and situations society has placed them in. For example, a man would rape/beat a woman because he has more physical power than her. A woman would falsely accuse a man of rape and ruin his career because she knows she has more believability.

A man would rob on his own, a woman would get access to you and help her robber friends with information to rob you. A man would abandon his family, a woman would give a man a child/children that are not his. Men would mostly be with you for your body, women would mostly be with you for your money.

Men would lure you to your doom with money, women would lure you to doom with sex. Men would attack you outright, women would act vulnerable and lure you to some attack. Men would get you to do what they want by being dominating and threatening, women would do that by being deceitful and manipulating the love you have for them and your lack of desire to hurt a woman.

Men would act a fool and drag the dignity of men in the mud just to get sex, women would do the same just to get money/gold dig instead of making their own money.

Etc, etc.


These different sins I've ascribed to men and women are not to say that they do not overlap sometimes, but it's just to show what "mostly" happens.

To repeat the point, do good men do those things above? Definitely not. Do good women do the things above? Definitely not too! So, good people are the only good people we should be defending and bad people are the ones we should be criticizing. Regardless of ours or their gender.

It's not us against them but good against bad. And even if you want to criticize a gender you have to emphasize that the other gender is not innocent of stupidity/cruelty either and that at every point it is just a criticism of bad people.

The End.

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