Color and black and white photography: The uniqueness of the little spider web.

How are you my friend, Hivers?!

If I play around with the external macro lens on my phone, then I try whatever feels unique to me. Look at these photos, looks very unique doesn't it? Impressive cobwebs. In fact, if you look there, there is a small monster that is devouring its prey. It was the smallest spider I have ever seen. So I really enjoy using a macro lens to shoot cobwebs quietly.



Guys, take a good look, the network is awesome. How he (little spider) makes the most beautiful web with a well-connected network. This is a very strong network bond. Even in the wind, the cobwebs were still perfectly intact without any major damage.



"...I just learned that the cobweb knot is one of the beauties of a masterpiece..."

I think my friends have also photographed spider webs in your neighborhood. But if we share with each other in this community, I think that is a very good thing. Come on guys, express your work in #colourblackandwhite.



I hope you enjoy viewing this post my friend. Good job guys, you guys are awesome! Best Regards.

By @new-spirit

The photos above were taken using an external macro lens from a Xiaomi Redmi 6a cellphone, and the shooting location is among a fallen coconut tree (in a hole in the coconut tree trunk itself) in Blang Weu village, Lhokseumawe - Aceh.