HiveOpenMic #127: Tevazu (Humility) | The Will of the Wind by @Nhaz01

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Hello everyone. This post was supposedly published the other day but then I got no load already and didn't able to open the platform and published a post. Anyway, this will be my first post in this community which my sister itnroduced me. And I will be grateful with you guys and I hope you'll like my cover.

This entry is for the Hive Open Mic week 127 themed Tuvezu. I don't know the language that's why I looked on the internet what it means in English and I found out that it's about Humility. Upon knowing the meaning, I decided to sing the song "The Will of the Wind" by Greg Barnhill and Jim Photoglo.

I chose this song because in life, there will always downfall and we can't comprehend sometimes. In those days, we just need to go with the flow and have faith that everything will fall into right places as we won't forget to have faith God for everything we went into our lives. And I believe that everything that happens in our lives will always be the will of someone above who created us. I believe that even the hardships we have in our life is a will of life because it makes us stronger of only we have faith in God.

By the way, here's the lyrics and the source of the song.

I spent half my life
Looking at the reasons things must change.
And half my life trying to make them stay the same.
But love would fade like summer into fall;
All that I could see was a mystery,
It made no sense at all.

The will of the wind, you feel it and then,
It will pass you blowing steady.
It comes and it goes, and God only knows,
You must keep your sails on ready.
So when it begins, get all that you can;
You must befriend the will of the wind.

I spent so many hours
Just thinkin' 'bout the way things might have been.
And so many hours trying to bring the good times back again.
And so it goes for lonely hearted fools;
They let their days slip away,
Until they give into...

[Repeat Chorus]

Thank you for watching and listening to the song. I hope you liked it all. Let's stay being humble with everything that happens in our lives. May we have difficulties in life, still we should be humble might as well if we had what we prayed for.

That's all for today and looking forward with you to my next post. Gotta go because I have a class this afternoon. Till next time.

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Hello @nhaz01

Welcome to hive open mic

Yes, we are already in week 128, but we are happy to welcome you anyway! Your singing is very nice!

Also, for an entry, we should introduce it with our words before we start to sing or play: Hive Open Mic, week (then you say the number of the current week) and your username.

We are looking forward to seeing in you in the next weeks too!


Thank you ma'am @mipiano , yes my sister told me about the intro befoee singing when she saw my post.
Next time, I will include the intro for my next entry. ☺️


Thank you for your participation in week 127. (Sorry for the long reply.)🙏👏👏👏