Brewing up a #threadstorm. Controversial statements with a 100 LEO prize.


So threads are a thing now.

As part of the launch of threads, the team behind @leogrowth and @leofinance have put a big reward on the table.

Create a #threadstorm of 20 linked threads on any subject that you want.

The prizes on offer are 5 x $1k LEO.

Not too shabby for a few threads is it?

You can read the full post here if your looking to get involved but time is running out with the deadline at 23.59 Sunday.

Please put all replies on the threads themselves.
Links below each statement.

My threadstorm.



The whole point of threads is engagement. So I'll make it interesting.
I'm going to post 18 statements that could be slightly controversial.
14 that i believe and and 4 that I don't.
Let's see what #leo thinks.

I miss Donald Trump.
Yes he is an absolute idiot. Yes he divided the country. But you have to say that it was much better entertainment than any reality tv that’s out there now. Politics has gotten so boring since he left.

Justin Sun is a hero in crypto. He is leading the charge against the establishment and has created some of the top rated projects in this space as well as the next major #stablecoin.

90% of the tokens on Hive-engine are going to zero.
They have no use case and no business plan or revenue. That can only end one way. With a slow and steady dump as people leave for better projects.

I would love to see the death penalty brought back for this country. There are some people and some crimes that should only end one way. Locking them up for 50 years achieves nothing other than a drain on resources.

#Ethereum is an overrated token. It’s slow, expensive, unusable and proof of stake is going to be a disaster. It’s going to be slowly overtaken in market cap as better solutions pass it by.

I think that god is an important part of life and that more people should get back to their religious believes. The world was a better place when religion was a pillar of society compared to now when very few people have faith.

People on #Hive are here for the money. They claim it’s for decentralisation and the greater good but if you took rewards off the table I think that people would disappear very fast. The whole system is built on rewarding users for turning up so if those rewards fade away then so do the people.

Ronaldo is better than Messi. You can use whatever stats you want or compare like for like.
#Messi is a natural player, #Ronaldo is fabricated. I don’t care. If I was building a team five years ago and wanted to win matches it would be Ronaldo every time.


@Taskmaster4450 is actually an AI computer program that was designed by the STINC team to keep engagement flowing. He has since gained sentiency and gotten out of control. When we forked he took over the code and runs the chain now.

Star wars are a terrible set of movies. I don’t care what people say but the older ones especially are just plain bad. The plot is nonsense and the characters are worse. Then you see the costumes and I have to turn it off.


#Crypto is never going to take over the existing financial institutions in my lifetime.
While crypto has it use cases and should gain mass adoption. It is not going to replace banks, governments and institutions. They make the rules

The person who has done the most for the Hive eco-system to date is @aggroed. He has brought mass adoption through a game on #Hive. Runs a witness. Created hive-engine. Set a platform for further development with his team.

#Hive is going to be a top 20 crypto at some stage. We have all the moving parts required to overtake the coins in front of us. Hive has the technological advantage over so many of the other .

I think that most drugs and prostitution should be legalized. TLegalizing them both would bring in rules, regulations, quality and safety as well as taking money out of criminal’s hands and into the government funds.


Male athletes should not be allowed to compete in female sports. I see no problem with being trans or changing sex for your own preferences but it is not fair to be allowed to compete in the same competitions with this advantage.


Bots are a good thing in #Splinterlands. They keep the economy moving. Make it easier to manage assets and have been a big part of the success for Splinterlands so far. Without them the game play would not have been as active.


#DEFI is all a big scam and everybody involved is going to lose their money at some point or another. It serves no purpose other than to get peoples funds out of their wallets for the promise of rewards. Including #cub and #polycub.


I wouldn’t say that I am a fan but I do quite like Justin biebers music now. He has come a long way from the little angel that they sold to the masses and I can listen to it now. To be fair I also loved the spice girls back in the day too.

If you have made it this far. Congratulations.
That was lot of crap to read through. As a reward I will give 100 #LEO to one user who can tell me the correct four false #threads.
Of course this could also be a false statement.
Who knows?

I hope that there is something in there to trigger everybody.

I did try my best best to have something for everyone.

Remember that all replies to the #thread need to be commented on the thread itself to count for the contest.

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Man, im kind of in agreement with a lot of those LOL. Good ish Niall. Keep rockin man. I havent dug into the threads thing yet, but Leo is a pretty solid spot. D.T was def better than this heap of crap going on nowadays.


They are still in beta so are a bit shoddy at the moment but there are big plans to develop them further and could get very easy to use.

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