The Daily LEO #226 | Sustainability, Tik Tok and Bitcoin. All of the trends going forward.


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‘There’s a Clear Path to Sustainable Energy,’ Says Elon Musk

While Tesla’s recent Investor Day might have lacked the punch some investors were hoping for, CEO Elon Musk did double down on this is a must read...

Destination TikTok For Wealth Managers?

The degree to which younger investors rely on social media and online influencers for financial advice may alarm some wealth managers, particularly this is a must read...

SWIFT moves to next phase of CBDC testing after positive results

During a 12-week testing period, SWIFT simulated nearly 5,000 transactions between two different blockchain networks and this is a must read... Struggles to Maintain Fiat On-Ramps in the Face of Crypto Banking Crisis

The digital assets industry is in the middle of a banking crisis with the collapse of crypto-friendly Silvergate Bank, and hasn’t this is a must read...

Web3 platform partners with self-custody wallet to broaden crypto adoption in Africa

Cassava Network — an African Web3 platform focused on nonfungible tokens (NFTs), gaming and loyalty rewards — has launched this is a must read...

A Guide to Buying and Selling Hive Second Layer Tokens

A guide on trading Hive second layer tokens and the various exchanges where you can, this is a must read...

If These Things Didn't Destroy Bitcoin, Nothing Will | How We'll Get to $100k.

Everyone on Crypto Twitter is always talking about prices of assets. We all want to see BTC cross $100k and we all want that next bull market to this is a must read...

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Wow, all of these look like must-reads for anyone truly willing to increase their financial education. I can still remember when I was first made aware of the book: Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

It really changed my view of how they (the banks) and us view what is an asset vs a liability. That book (an many others), should be required reading in high scholols across the nation.

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