RE: A few curation notes for new writers


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Helpful for newcomers so thanks for taking the time to write this.

I also think it's a lot about community? About actively reading and engaging with other people's content.

The biggest mistake I've seen here is people coming in with an attitude based on mainstream social media models - like thinking they need to be rock stars. That it's all about them getting followers. That it's about "looking" good.

I've personally found that people who are naturally interested in other people, sharing, connecting and uplifting others (and chatting because they like engagement) do pretty well off the bat! And people who are here just to earn generally don't do this enough naturally and so they bomb out.

Hive doesn't work like mainstream social media AT ALL. (It's why I adore it!)

But people who may be really good at mainstream social media (based mostly on self promotion...ugh), seem to struggle to "get it" when they first join this community :D

It's quite funny... but also sad that they may leave because they don't get the likes they're used to for being more superficial. I think if they stick around, they will find happier, healthier versions of themselves with the more authentic connection here.

But that takes time when a person has been programmed to be more narcissistic by mainstream algorithms - which (let's face it) the Fakebook and Instaham algorithms most certainly do :/