Hello everyone especially the splinterlands gamers and the community. New week and another challenge we face again for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE whose THEME is SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! ANTOID PLATOON. How was your challenge? Today I will share one of my bronze fights using the ANTOID PLATOON. It's nice to use on a small mana cap and the summoner is TARSA. His shield ability is also very good, especially with just one melee attack. So let’s start analyzing the lineup before we head into battle.



This time I used LEVEL 1 TARSA as my summoner because it has an additional HEALTH and MELLE attack on my monster team. This summoner is also good to counter the melee and ranged attack of the opponent. In my experience, the TARSA lineup is good to use in bronze battles. At level 1 this summoner is summoning level 1 common, level 1 rare, level 1 epic, and level 1 legendary.


FIRST POSITION: ANTOID PLATOON - at level 1 this monster has one (1) melee attack, one (1) speed, two armor (2), three (3) health, and has a SHIELD ability that reduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacks. I used this in the first position as my tank because of its ability to shield to reduce the damage of my opponent and it is best in low mana cap battle.

SECOND POSITION: SERPENTINE SPY - at level 1 this monster has two (2) melee attack, three (3) speed, one (1) health, and has an OPPORTUNITY ability that may attack from any position and will target the enemy Monster with the lowest health. Serpentine spy is best in the middle position to save from the sneak monster because of his low health. This monster is also because of his speed and opportunity ability.

LAST POSITION: LAVA SPIDER - at level 1 this monster has one (1) range attack, two (2) speed, four (4) health, and has a SNIPE ability that targets enemy Monsters with Ranged, Magic, or no attack that are not in the first position. I uses this in my last position because of his high health to save my serpentine spy from the sneak ability.

Battle Rulesets

STANDARD: No modifications to the standard gameplay rules and mechanics.

Click the BATTLE LINK to watch the match


ROUND 1 - In the first round of the fight the opponent's Time Mage ability applied to my monster team. The enemy was the first to attack but their melee attack was not enough due to the additional HEALTH of summoner TARSA. And also because of the additional melee attack, the serpentine spy immediately killed the enemy's chaos agent.

ROUND 2 - In the second battle round, the opponent's CELESTIAL HARPY killed my serpentine spy because it only has one health. But my team also killed their GARGOYA SCRAPPER which caused the opponent's TIME MAGE to come in front.

Round 3 - We all know that magic attacks are soft so my team knocked them down easily. At this point, CELESTIAL HARPY will not reduce the health of my ANTOID PLATOON because of its shield ability.

Round 4 - In the fourth round, there are only two monsters left on my team and also on my opponent. The opponent's STITCH LEECH removed the armor of my ANTOID PLATOON before it was killed by my LAVA SPIDER at round 5.

Round 5 - In this round LAVA SPIDER killed the opponent's STITCH LEECH to put CELESTIAL HARPY in front. But its melee attack is no longer enough to reduce the health of my ANTOID PLATOON and also because of its shield ability

Round 6 - In the last round, CELESTIAL HARPY's attack was useless because she only had one melee attack. It only has 3 health and it was reduced by two health due to the attack of my ANTOID PLATOON and another attack of the LAVA SPIDER before it died.

Based on the result of my battle the strategy worked because you can imagine the opponent has five cards while I have only three and then I am the winner. It is good to use ANTOID PLATOON if the battle is only a low mana cap and the opponent only has one melee and range attack due to its shield ability. But it will be hard for us to win if it is in the medium and higher mana cap.

I hope you enjoyed and liked the BATTLE CHALLENGE I shared using the ANTOID PLATOON this week. I will also take this opportunity to thank you for the support you give me. You can expect me to get better in the future.

Images used are the property of SPLINTERLANDS.


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