RE: Lapping It Up and Agreeing: That's the Problem I'm Seeing

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That's what happens when politics and info collide I guess. If an artist or entertainer is being cancelled, following the rope leads to a politician of some kind, their reporters, and the fans; all working to shut it down. Oddly enough nowadays entertainment is somehow in direct competition for those valuable eyes and ears.

And yes, they'd prefer to talk about and show atrocities.

The fiction writer and write horror; it's made up, doesn't exist. They'll be really pissed about it, try to cancel it, and show you real horror, and in some cases the fans of that material become happy to see it, whereas the fiction writer stirs other, more natural feelings, like fright, but know their safe, meanwhile the other side is constantly told they're unsafe and provided detailed "evidence."

Odd. I could probably say that better but I'm rambling.