TradingDojo #18: 1st $OSMO Validator w/ Fee Rebates For Stakers Almost Here - Plans For ATOM & AKT Too!

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As of late, I am completely absorbed by the ATOM ecosystem and everything that it has to offer.

So many awesome projects in the works, and the tokens are all seeing absolutely massive growth because of it.

$ATOM, aka Cosmos, also has some great airdrops coming soon, as shared in my last post (I also have another 5 I'll be sharing in a few days!)

I figured it was finally time to dive a little deeper into the ecosystem and contribute to it in some capacity.

So, I've decided to launch a validator for the $OSMO token (official token for the Osmosis platform, which is seeing some MASSIVE growth in terms of TVL.

Naturally, a lot of the growth when it comes to TVL is due to the massive token pumps that have been taking place the past few weeks, but we are also seeing an increasing amount of new money flowing into the platform.

OSMO Validator Benefits for Stakers:

  • Allows $OSMO token holders to stake at the lowest possible network fee - 5%.
  • Stakers will earn a portion of that fee back via a monthly payment to their wallet (initially, this will be a manual process that I will handle, however, I will be working to implement an automated whitelist distribution strategy).
  • A 'tiered fee rebate system' will be created, meaning the more you stake, the higher the % of a rebate you'll receive monthly. The tier system will be shared shortly but will range from 3-15% (or higher) of net fees generated from staking.
  • Slashing protection is offered to ALL stakers with a 100% loss protection guarantee.
  • Staking fee & rebate fee changes/updates are unlikely UNLESS absolutely necessary, and if so, stakeholders will be given as much advance notice as possible (at least 2 weeks notice for rebate fees, and staking/network fees will be announced as soon as info is available).

Up until only a week or two ago, the top 66% of the fastest validators were heavily favored when it came to the "bonus lottery" distribution system that exists within the ecosystem.


A recent governance vote that passed with an overwhelming majority vote changed this, so now, it doesn't matter which validator your OSMO is staked to - there's an equal chance to receive this bonus (there's even talk of potentially starting another vote soon that may actually change the bonus system to favor nodes in the bottom range of tokens staked % wise, further incentivizing decentralization and spreading tokens out between validators).

In order for this project to succeed, we'll need to at least make it to the top 100 range, in terms of OSMO tokens staked. Currently, the bottom range of validators has roughly 21.5k OSMO tokens staked - meaning to make it on the list and secure our position, we'll want at least ~25k tokens or more. This is the only way that the validator will earn fees and make it possible to offer rebates to token stakers.

I will be creating a website and "brand" to actually promote the validator, and anyone interested in supporting this project is also urged to promote and share this project with other OSMO token holders as well. The success of this project depends on supporters!

IF this validator succeeds in making it into the top 100 and maintaining/improving rank over time, we will be able to implement 2 things:

  1. Increase fee rebates for token stakers at ALL tier levels - the more tokens staked/the higher our position on the list, the more fees we are able to generate overall. With this, I'd love to be able to give back even more to supporters - so if we can consistently improve our rank, then we can also increase rebates! Everyone wins in this scenario.

  2. Launch other validators for ATOM ecosystem tokens - I have my sights set on also launching validators for tokens like DVPN (Sentinel), AKT (Akash), REGEN (Regen Network), IRIS (IRISNet), and even ATOM (Cosmos) itself.

future tokens.PNG

For some context, 5x servers are required to launch a single Validator for OSMO:

1x Validator Node (1x VPS)
4x Sentry Nodes (4x VPS)

These, of course, incur monthly overhead costs, which would be covered by fees collected by our validator and stakers.

More information will be added to this post as I update it over the next few days, as I will be actively working on setting up our very first validator under the TradingDojo brand! (Officially, TradingDojo will be the "parent brand", and "StakingDojo" will be the actual validator "brand" that all validators will run under).

Please drop some feedback below if you are interested - I really need as much interest/support as possible to make this happen. I'm not asking for any donations, money, etc - only your support, as OSMO token holders, to stake to our Validator, so that we can bring to life the first OSMO Validator to offer fee rebates to all stakers <3

-TradingDojo aka gh0st

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