Harvester is a heavy machine for crops


All my friends I hope you are doing great with the blessing of Allah Almighty. Today am here to share a Post of the Powerful mother's in my area. So without waiting your precious time let's go straight to the topic.


Harvester is one of the big machinery which are available and used in my country Pakistan. This is the thing which is used to harvest our crops. So now talk about it's features one by one. In our daily life I see many times harvest to harvesting the crops in my area. We are living in a rural area so this is very important for the farmer to harvest these cross and grow new ones.

In this picture you can easily see that the harvest is of his parts and stand smoothly at a quite and best place. If I talk about its repairing it is very common of repairing it. Harvester needs to repair 2 timea in a week. So this is the front side of the Harvester.

This is the main part of harvester where the driver sit and control the whole machinery. So this is pretty good for driver.

If we talk about the tire of this machine we can easily see that the back side in tire which is very little in the size than the front tyre.

This is the front tire of the Harvester which is really big and cool. This give power to the Harvester and play an important role in the cutting of crops and other working of the Harvester. It also very reliable for farmers.

So these are the both front and back tires you can easily see. These makes the Harvester very powerful and easy to work in fields.

This machine is imported from Holland and the model is L626 as can see at the top of this following picture.

Now we talk about the cutters of this heavy machine. You can see the cutters are very huge as the Harvester and play an leading role to cut the field in 90% accuracy according to the New Holland Commpnay L626. So following are some images which are about the cutters of harvester.

Now it's time to see the interior of the Harvester. As we listen about the huge storage of the Harvester then you also listen about it's structure. In the following pictures you can easily examine the interior structure of the Harvester easily.


There are a lot of important functions of harvester in rural life of a farmer and some of farmers are also earn their livelihood from this. And some of the farmers are also waiting for this for growing the next crops according to the season. So following are also some fictions of this:

  • It's very worthy for the maize crops.
  • It's very important to harvest the Rice crops.
  • Some other Crops are also cutting by this.
  • it's a source of making livelihood for some workers and farmers also.
  • It reduces the hurdles of the farmers.
  • Very fast for cutting the crops.

So these are above some full images of unready harvester for working which looks nice and pretty. And I hope you like this article.