Amazing Surprise Opening 100 Chaos Legion Pack


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If you are not familiar with blockchain games the name Splinterlands may mean nothing to you, but if you look for less than 10 minutes on any research engine at your disposal everything is going to be clear.


One of the best games in the crypto world with more than four years of constant innovation leads the project to the highest level of interaction and engagement on the daily basis.

On the result section of my main account, you can see that it is possible to earn interesting rewards after the recent update applied in all leagues. I am currently in the wild mode of the game. It is even more effective when you play in the Bronze or Silver league with a low budget.

As you can see the season leaderboard reward in the gold league is very interesting. I am getting closer to the top 100 best players day after day. My daily focus chest is on average around 7 chests each quest. I have encountered ferocious adversaries on the board, yet I am still claiming enough rewards considering the capture burn impact on the overall evolution of the account.

If you want to know more about the process to cumulate these interesting rewards, please let me know in the comment section.

I will start to buy cheap cards from the market. It is the best time to maximize my card collection with the chaos legion element.
The battle ranking players' availability surely smooths all the challenges in the season.

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