Challenge/Contests/Giveaways/Raffles: SPL, Directory #️⃣ 7


Peace Dear friends,

I hope you are doing fantastic today.
Our report on the Splinterlands directory is coming closer to one hundred posts for all contests, delegation, and giveaways.
Many Splinterlands players would like to participate in diverse rewarding activities organized in the Hive, but it takes time to search and look for the right post among hundred published daily.



So, I thought today that I should share and maintain an updated directory of multiple contests or giveaways, or raffles posts related to Splinterlands here.

The participation of the reader to keep this list up to date is encouraged and will help this project reach its objectives.

I fought about a "tag" that can help easily identify articles similar to those in the table below.
I invite authors to suggest a better tag or to use #splcontestbook in the list of tags before submission of the post.




Here we go...

N.ReleaseAuthorsPost Title + Links
1.New, DEC rewardsLolxsbudoyEnd of Season Rewards - Mini-Contest
2.New, Daily GiveawayKryptodennoDennos Splinterlands Giveaway
3.New, Weekly, DelegationOadissinDelegation Splinterlands cards // Twice Weekly
4.Weekly, ContestSplinterlandsSplinterlands Art Contest! // Week // Booster Pack Prize!
5.Weekly, ContestSplinterlandsSHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge!
6.Weekly, CurationSplinterlandssplinterlands-weekly-curation-challange
7.New, GiveawaySplinterlandsSplinterlands Giveaway with Xpansion
8.New, Weekly, GiveawayDrazeusLet's Give Away a Card due to Chaos Legion Coming
9.New, EarnRentmoneyPlay With Monsters & Earn Free
10.New, Weekly, GiveawayH3m4n7Splinterlands Card Giveaway
11.New, GiveawayMarcinxyzSeason Fun fair
12.New, Weekly, Gold Cards DelegationFreemonsterInitiative for new Splinterlands players. Gold Foil Card Delegation
13.New, Daily, GiveawayCryptofilozSplinterlands Quest Giveaway (Win Free Card)
14.New, Week GiveawayKojiriKojiri's Week Giveaway - Special card Every Sunday
15.New, UpvoteFailingforwardLet us get Splinterland players active on HIVE - Newbies lets win some RC
16.New, GiveawayNysster"Let's Help Others" Splinterlands Giveaway
17.New, DelegationEvan StingerGold Foiled Card DELEGATION
18.New, GiveawayPhonsoswagCard Giveaway + Small Experiment + Keep Blogging!
19.New, DelegationStewie.wienoTime to do my part
20.New, NFT Giveawayimgm30[CONTEST] Free Splinterlands NFT Giveaway
21.New, Cards GiveawayNummulDate Announcement Of 20 Cards Giveaway
22.New, GiveawaysZeruxamineSplinterlands (Win Free Card) Quest Giveaway
23.New, GiveawaysVikisecretsGuess the number of tomorrow's active Splinterlands players?
24.New, GiveawaysBlitzzzzMy Splinterlands Journey Giveaway
25.New, Cards DelegationRoad2horizon1 week free delegation
26.New, GiveawaysNyxlabsChaos Legion Giveaway
27.New, GiveawaysPablodareFree Splinterlands giveaway(daily) + PIZZA
28.New, Delegation, GiveawaysDeimargdSplinterlands Giveaway-Delegation
29.New, GiveawaysBernakuSplinterlands Giveaway
30.Old, Weekly, GiveawayMyfreebtcWeekly Giveaway - SPS staking keeps going up
31.Old, Weekly, GiveawaySketchygamerguyLore Trivia Giveaway Hints
32.Old, GiveawayBushwhackSweepstakes drawing
33.Old, GiveawaySneaky-neutrinoGiveaway + Huge Tournament
34.Old, DelegationRelf87Free Card Delegation
35.Old, Weekly GiveawayPardinusPa. Weekly card giveaway
36.Old, GiveawayBlutengelChaos Legion Pack GIVEAWAY,
37.Old, BattleRentmoneyWin SPS against Rentmoney
38.Old, Pool Pack DiscountMarcuswahlDesign a Splinterlands Legendary Summoner! A 330,000.00 Value
39.Old, DiscordStever82Updates on Splinterlands Presale and General Sale Preorders
40.Old, Weekly, DelegationCryptoniusrexElven Cutthroat Sneaky Shenanigans Giveaway
41.Old, Boost 9UnitqmNewBoost is going down on November 23
42.Old, GiveawaySplinternewsIt is raining Oneup!
43.Old, RaffleSilentwillFree for All Raffle Saturday on FutureDECscord server
44.Old, RaffleBrybro27Raffle Announcement - Many Rewards
45.Old, GiveawayPain25Today's giveaway (14/10) two common cards
46.New, Weekly, GiveawayRobinsonr810Splinterlands Rare Card Giveaway
47.Old, WeeklyOpen wideEnd of Season Rewards + GIVEAWAY
48.Old, Every 2days, GiveawayIcyblitzSplinterlands Giveaway For Users in Bronze
49.Old, Weekly, GiveawayVcdragonFree give away Splinterlands card
50.Old, HP RCFailingforwardWin some HP for RC - Just be active!
51.Old, GiveawayTheallianceHalloween Party🕷1000 SPS, 25 VOUCHERs, 10,000 DEC + MUCH More to be Given Away!
52.Old, WeeklyOpuntiaNo Sleep Gang Knowledge Challenge - Splinterlands
54.Old, GiveawayGoldmatters10000 DEC GIVEAWAY Splinterlands
55.Old, Weekly GiveawayAkumetsuAk. Weekly card giveaway
56.Old, GiveawayMozzie5Chance to win a Pelacor conjurer
57.Old, Close the 1rst of NovemberSinistryArt Contest
58.Old, GiveawayRentmoneyFREE Splinterlands Voucher Inside Used To Purchase Chaos Legion Packs
59.Old, GiveawaySolymiSplinterlands end of season madness how to avoid the power problem -new giveaway win 1000 DEC
60.Old, WeeklyGcollectsCivil Life of Splinterlands Characters - Splinterlands Art Contest Week
61.Old, Daily, GiveawayMarcuswahlSplinterlands Tell a Friend Their Destiny is Land!
62.Old, GiveawayProject10backMy first Giveaway!
63.Old, Weekly, Giveaway, JackpotBtcsamGloridax Soldier Giveaway Winner
64.Old, Daily, GiveawayKennysgaminglifeDaily Pack Opening & Giveaway 🏵 Opening UNTAMED! 🏵 Giving away SPS
65.Old, WeeklySplintertoolsSplintertools Legendary Card Giveaway! // Introducing battle challenges. Build and share teams to counter decks!
66.Old, Daily, GiveawayModoughSplinterlands Card Giveaway (and Giveaway Results!)
67.Old, Daily GiveawayKotenokeSplinterlands Giveaway
72.Open lineFree suggestionUpdate from your comments
73.Open lineFree suggestionUpdate from your comments



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