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Dear Splinters,


Beautiful day to you and your family.
I hope you had a great day of task completion. The battle challenge this week will place the Runner under a lot of actions in the arena. I am lucky to have leveled up SUPPLY RUNNER to sixth grade of power for better competitiveness in the Diamond League arena.

First Demonstration


Rules: Runner had a good time playing "Close range". The rise of the common was activated on the Battlefield too.

My opponent had a similar lineup compared to my selection but the position of the cards in the team made a significant difference in regard to the firepower the adversary position could withstand.

My teamOrder
General Sloan Pelacor Conjurer
Furious Chicken Xenith Archer
Supply Runner Venari Crystalsmith
Pelacor Arbalest
General Sloan Blinding Reflector
Pelacor Conjurer
Time Mage Venari Crystalsmith
Pelacor Arbalest Gargoya Scrapper


The double strikes on the Pelacor Arbalet were really well exploited when placed at the end of my lineup.

First Battle Link

Second Demonstration


Rules: Equal opportunity and Close range allowed General Sloan to perform at its best level during this match.

The opponent lineup scared me a lot at first then the second round of the match presented a terrible change of power in the arena.

My teamOrder
General Sloan Goblin Mech
Djinn Renova Sand Worm
Venari Crystalsmith Supply Runner
Pelacor Arbalest

My Second OpponentInteresting lineup
Obsidian Fungus Fiend
Pelacor Mercenary Kron the Undying
Goblin Psychic Wood Nymph
Magi of the Forest


The Runner has increased the reaction of all the cards on my side of the board. The speed gave my team the advantage to take out many of the low health cards on the adversary team then Sand worm and Runner finished the Kron last standing activate.

Second Battle Link

Third Demonstration


Rules: The target practice and lost legendaries were the two important forces at play on the battlefield.

My opponent had placed powerful cards on the board but the element of surprise came from my selection. Arbalest didn't miss any strikes during the match.

My lineupImpressive
General Sloan Gelatinous Cube
Venari Crystalsmith Uraeus
Supply Runner Silvershield Bard
Pelacor Arbalest
The opponentNot so lucky
Daria Dragonscale Gelatinous Cube
Silvershield Paladin Divine Healer
Fire Spitter Venari Crystalsmith


The Cube placed in the first position helped secure the remaining cards of the lineup that were mostly range attack monsters. Uraeus did poison many enemy monsters during this battle. The reduction of health due to the poison seriously diminished the opponent's capacity to survive all the firepower heading to the opposite side every round.

Third Battle Link


My strategies

My runner was at level six therefore I could use the swift ability and the range plus one from the summoner Sloan to achieve higher performance on the Battlefield. It was necessary to play this combination of range cards carefully. My first position cards was most of the time a tank with the healing support from the back. Arbalest was close to the Runner at the back of my lineup to launch incredible strikes.

Did my strategy work?

I had faced a difficult team when I was preparing for this challenge battles. Range monsters are powerful when summoned in the right condition, especially in the ruleset favorable to the close-range attack from these cards.

If you are interested in the current contest, please get more information concerning the battle challenge shared on a specific theme SUPPLY RUNNER, Splinterlands Weekly battle challenge.

Do you like the Supply Runner? Why or why not?

I like the Runner and quickly understood the card's real power in the selection of different elemental monsters. The neutral mode of this monster is also an additional positive aspect of his choice to be leveled up. The swiftness ability is attractive each time it comes to be activated in the lineup that match the ruleset of the current Battle. The presence of Runner in one's lineup clearly gives an advantage to fighters.



Thanks for the battle challenge curation team.

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