Summer dream - the beach of Tunisia


Summer is approaching and we can finally dream again about the sea and beautiful experiences somewhere far from home on beautiful sandy beaches, observing the blue of the sea and enjoying beautiful landscapes that are like a dream.


Remembering one wonderful summer I spent in Tunisia, Tunisia is truly a land of white sand but also a desert oasis.
I am a person who likes to study other regions, other cultures, but that summer I really enjoyed a vacation on the white sand, swimming in the blue and very warm sea.
People really need a real break sometimes!
For me, this was an ideal opportunity to relax.


I want a hotel near the sandy beach, the town of Sousse suited me best for that vacation.
On the sunlit coast there are hotels built in European style, next to the sea which is close to the hotel, almost every hotel has its own pool, but also hotels that have their own beach.




The hotels are really well equipped, especially if you opt for all inclusive, but in any case salt sea water is more pleasant.
The beaches are long and rich in fine sand, which got its golden color in the sun, and when you walk on it it is so warm and comfortable.



If you do not want a quiet but active vacation, you can visit the city of Sousse, which is not far from the hotel. A mysterious city that embraces the scent of the sea with its historic buildings and tells its visitors its fascinating story.
I preferred to walk at night when the sun starts to set, there are fewer tourists moving along the long sandy beaches.
And during the day, I liked rest or activities in the water more, because it is really and too warm, we Europeans find it a little harder to bear strong temperatures.


While some explore the restaurant, architecture or shops, I enjoyed the beach and refreshments by the sea.
One wonderful summer day is over and we are returning to the hotel, from the balcony of the hotel I watch a beautiful sunset surrounded by palm trees and hotels that are in front of us.


Don't miss the summer and enjoy its charms, somewhere far from everyday routines, on the sandy beach with the smell of the sea.

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Great pics you have there, my favorite is the first photo, looks like a beach here in the Philippines.


Thank you, the same blue sea, fine sand and palm trees look almost everywhere, only that it is a summer idyll and a place to relax.


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