Tunisia is a land of contrasts and great impressions - the city of Port el Kantaoui at night


We spent the end of August and the beginning of September in Tunisia, it is truly a land of contrasts and great impressions, it promises the scent of Mediterranean greenery and Sahara sand.
Modern summer resorts, impressive nature and man-made attractions can conquer at first sight every lover of exotics and a very pleasant vacation.


New and modern hotels have fitted into this country with a rich history, and Tunisians have managed to find a balance between their tradition and modernity.
That is why this time I am taking you to Port el Kantaoui, built by me as a lighted Hollywood stage, simply located on the Tunisian coast.


The city has no historical roots but is beautifully landscaped, one of the most beautiful attractions located on the square surrounded by various hotels and restaurants is a beautiful fountain with light effects to the rhythm of Vivaldi's music and the scent of vanilla that spreads around us.




The fountain, with the rhythm of the music, changes its colors, but also the strength of the water, an unavoidable point for every tourist who admires and photographs it.



The promenade has long been made of stone slabs and is surrounded by palm trees, various evergreen trees that are beautifully shaped to the very cacti.




Next to the promenade there are various restaurants that mostly serve dishes of all cuisines and cafes where you can order a drink or coffee and watch the sea.



Although Port el Kantaoui is a tourist place with a small port where yachts and boats are located, a very interesting ship that looks like a pirate really attracts attention, so we went on a tour of the port and sightseeing, because there is also a promenade.





The city is a planned place, although it does not have any historical significance, but it is supplied and decorated with everything that tourists need to enjoy the enchanting surroundings of this bright city, even though it is night.
Going to Tunisia offers much more than a quiet vacation on a beach sprinkled with fine golden sand, if you like to be active you can experience a real adventure in visiting the desert or the Bedouin settlement.

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