Abeg make dey still sorry for Uncle Aaron o, abi?[ Please pity Uncle Aaron, not so?] He dey he own o, na dem come dey force am ni.[ He was on his own and people came to force him.] See na,(Look,) "..the people gathered themselves together unto Aaron, and said unto him, Up, make us gods, which shall go before us; for as for this Moses..we wot not what is become of him."(Ex 32:1)


U see am na, nor be pressure from the pipo cause am?[ Do you see it, wasn't it pressure from the people?] Warri go say, nor be clear eye Aaron take do wetin e do.[ In Warri lingo, Aaron wasn't clear-eyed doing what he did]

The people. I jus remember another "the people" story. It was King Saul. This time the people were abandoning him at a time he needed them for battle. This pressure led him to offer a sacrifice that was meant to be offered by only the Prophet, Samuel(1Sam 13).

Two common denominators in both cases were that– there was a delay(a seeming delay)[Moses took too long and Samuel took too long in their eyes] and then pressure from the people.

Back to sir Aaron. Is it true we should cut him some slack? Now Moses was away on a journey of worship, a journey that also has a direct bearing on the prosperity and posterity of the people he was leading. He didn't run off abandoning the people, he left them in the "able" hands of his assistant and dear senior blood brother, Aaron. Call Moses, the General Overseer(G.O) and Aaron, the Residential Pastor.

When we zoom into things at that time a little, it seems clear that preceeding the gathering of the people unto Aaron to make that strange request, was small pockets of gatherings here and there where the people were beginning to express to themselves, their displeasure with the state of things, until it got to the day that they came as one voice to the Pastor. They had become weary of waiting for their leader, their Prophet, their G.O.

NOW, I am curious about the ministry of Pastor Aaron. G.O was away for only 40 days. It wasn't yet 40 days and the people developed itchy ears? Meaning in this short time Pastor had exhausted his sermons? No more messages from God for the people? Nothing was strong enough to keep the people's eyes fixed on Jehovah? You mean the reality of God travelled with Moses?

This is serious! Not that Aaron wasn't performing his duties, but how much of Divine backing was present? This brings tears to the very soul of someone who understands. The people were going to Church service under Pastor Aaron's ministry, but their souls were famished, all empty singing, study, dancing NO GOD-LIFE! I can imagine Aaron preaching things like, "our Prophet Moses said", "our G.O said". This is the anointing oil our G.O gave me.

The people are open to all sorts of attack when the Pastor, the shepherd is empty or out of sync with God's directives. How Jesus laboured to impress upon Peter that feeding the flock accurately, is a sure evidence that he carries His(Jesus') Spirit(or he loves Him),(Jn 21:17).

It will come a time, life will require what you yourself heard from God. Your sphere of life will require your own personal organic encounter with Jesus. What did you hear for yourself sir? What's your own personal experience with Yahweh?

See this quite unpopular scripture, God speaking says– "..Is not Aaron the Levite they brother? I know that he can speak well...when he seeth thee, he will be glad in his heart".(Ex4:14).

So in the above scripture, God was pointing Moses to the person who would assist him, however this little scripture more or less defines all of Aaron.
Where a man's treasure is, his heart will be there also. Moses was his treasure, his sunshine, his engine. Yes, he "loved" his job absolutely. He could score 100% everyday, if he is assessed by man pertaining to his job description.

Is there anything wrong in loving your job– your God given task? Absolutely not. But Deacon Stephen also loved his God given task, yet do you notice something different about him?

To be contd