Inside life

/Stories are always realities of daily lifes of different people and sometimes the kind of stories someone might hear ,it will feel like it wasn't real but the Reality is that alot of people are going through soo much things especially when it have to do with life daily struggles..
All my stories here are just some realities people get to face and pass through everyday and in as much as most people live their life ,this kind of reality gets to challenge some people in their daily life/

When people fail to see or appreciate good deeds it might either end up well or break in more disaster to thier life.
Sometimes its better to try your best and be real than to pretend and take people for granted because karma will definitely catch up with you when reality sets in ..
Its just a matter of time and when

Here is a story
Of a lady that has a baby daddy,
He had to run and travel out the country when the child was just 2 weeks old. He left her to take care for the child alone.
She later got a message from his family that he had travelled out the country and she was so angry,
This was someone she loved,her family even rejected her because she chose him all for love.
1year later she managed her self to start school her parents decided to assist her including her baby daddy's mum ,
She later met a man that loved her and her child like his own. he was a teacher , and he decided to take care of her ,
He finally got her to marry him and they both lived happily together

He even managed to build a house in the child’s name.

  • This child is now 9 years old this year, she also gave birth to a girl thats 4years old for her husband and this is her 7th year in marriage,
    The issues now is that her baby daddy reappeared out of the blue a few months ago*,

He contacted her through is mum and he came back to apologise for everything,and how he needed to leave the country so he can get a better life ,and if he had told her she will never accept to let him leave just like that especially with the way things were with them back then..
9years she have been the one taking care of the child with her husband, she was angry at some point but at the end she did forgive him because he was her first love and he was the first guy she ever slept with,
and since that day, she have been sleeping with him

/Currently her own issues is that shes pregnant and she feels the baby daddy is the father. He's now a successful businessman and wants to be part of both her and the child's life.
He was asking her to leave her current husband so he can marry her.
He then gave her engagement ring but she rejected it and asked to be giving some time to think/

  • To be honest, "she claimed she never stopped loving him,even prayed for him to come back someday too.
    And now he's back ,she don't know how to tell her husband that she wants to divorce.
    Claiming her current husband is just a teacher even though he took care of her and her baby all these years and has done tremendous things for her, now all she feel is guilt but in reality she never loved him the way she loved her baby daddy,her husband is a good man and it is tearing her apart for the betrayal going on.
    But now that the love of her life is back, and he is even capable of taking care of her better because he is now doing well both financially and all* ,

/Her feelings now is if she should still stay in her marriage because of pity or if she should follow her heart and divorce her current husband to marry the baby daddy that is the love of her life/..


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