Life guides

Just know that many things amounts to a lot of things,
both will determine your attainment possibility in general life matters and business

When you sow to the benefit of others, you will raise harvest for yourself too

a man's close family or friends can be his destroyer.

You can endanger your life by revealing your mind to the unfaithful one that lies in your bosom.

To be stingy is Satanic. To be Giving is Godly.

You'll remain where you are as long as you hold your hands tight, show love and share it , it you might not get your desired blessings if you don't give love .

What enriches a man most in life, is the impacts that he has made. Don't level yourself to the grass,

for you are a standing height. Don't give up, keep on the fight, with you in God, and God in you, you are in the winning team.