Life quotes

What Babies see and speaks with cries so loud that that their parents are informed by their cry:

It is the only communication they can give to the parents and be heard.

When people know the type of influence they have for their family ,life gets a bit better because the type of mother you are might likely determines the attitude and characters of the type of daughter you will get And the type of parent you have, will likely determines the type of children you all will be

People chose to be cheerfully and excitedly recognise on so many occasions, like the stake of feeling special is a lot of peoples kind of mentality to stay sane

The reality of being successful is determined by The more you have and willing to help or give, this makes the more you can give. To make you actually archive getting more.
Theres the natures adaptiveness that makes what ever you give to be doubled,.
Thats why when you want to succeed you invest (give)
When you want to be rich you work for it(give out time)
What ever you wish to do that involves success ,you need to give to accomplish them

Just know that the more you'll attain certain height, you need to give so that will will have chances more for you to likely move forward in life.