Life stories

So many times people seems to forget what they want and were they came from,
In as much as you do somethings yourself ,just know that you are definitely good to carry out certain things that you would like to accomplish yourself too..
So for some reasons just try to do your best and leave the rest too ..
In some occasions, people always forget what they want and how they chose to live life.
Here is a story of a man that decided to be on his own while going through tough times,
At first it felt like it was ok to be blinded by love, but at the end it wasnt how he pictured it to be like .
He started dating the girl when they were both in secondary school ,and they kept dating till they graduated from the University,
2years after graduation,the guy was jobless and same with the girl..
Later her parents were able to raise money for her to start her clothing buisness ,which later helped her and she was able to give the guy some money to start something for himself ,but after 3years he got a better job with better pay and so he was able to rent his house and even bought lands and cars in 2years.
Like he kept telling people how this very girl helped his life and was even getting ready to do their traditional marriage this Dec.

The problem now is that he started suspecting her calls 4months ago and a particular number kept calling her ,
And she will sneak out or sometimes excuse herself out just to pick that particular calls..
He actually suspected the call because it became very frequent and so one day he decided to ask her and she denied saying he was just a friend..

Just 3weeks ago she was cooking for him and the phone was ringing ,that same number called ,so he gave her the phone and immediately she picked the call ended,
She forgot to lock the phone before giving him back after sending him a text that she was busy ...
There he used the opportunity to check her messages with the guy ,and lo..
She was pregnant and the guy was begging her to keep the pregnancy
Well ...

Tomorrow i will complete the remaining story of how all this events came to be .


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