Life stories

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Sometimes the little opportunity one gets should be used wisely and not in a haste.

Like i once said i will talk about this very girls short story.
She did miss some good deeds that made her loss.

In life try to always focus on what you stand for especially when it is the right thing.

Choices and soo much of the decisions we make effect us either positively or negatively too.

Here is a girl that has most of her lifes dreams coming to reality ,but her wrong choices spoilt it..and it all have to do with her past,

At 26 she have finished universities and then she meets a man that helped her get a good job.
They fell inlove and so in less than 5months he engaged her too..
Now the issue is that she visited the fiance home for the first time and it turns out that the mum was among one of the nurse that helped her carry out two abortion while she was still in University about 2years ago ..
And to make the matter worst ,
Her friend who usually help her link up with guys was the fiance sister..

personally the guys family all welcomed her but the looks on both the mum and sisters face were somehow with shock and sadness ..

the mum just told her that she can't marry her son and she needs to tell him about her past life.

Like she no longer do those things but here in the midst of people with her past ,it felt like she was back to were she started from.
Indeed the past can really determine our
Choices and soo much more in future were we all get to be at the mercy of what we do when face with its repercussions.

Just like that


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