What Are The Role To Play By The Parents To Their Children In The Society


The parents need to be disciplined before they can be disciplines to their children, a parent that is toxic addicted can not for once discipline a child except if the child decide to discipline themselves. As a parent we need to know the kind of friends our children have and to properly do the check and balance so that they will not be influence with the bad attitude. But when you are not discipline, if you are the type that use to leave house without looking back in the children then how do you want to know the type of friends your children and mingle with in the society.

However, most times the mind of a child is like an open book, it's now the work of the parents to write everything they want there children to become in the society tommorow because in bringing up a child, the first school for them to learn is home. What the parents do at home is recoded in the mind of the child, if you are the type of father that you always use to fights with your wife, definitely you are giving your male child the lectures on how to treat his wife when he becomes a father. That is why it's very important to be very careful with the way we do as a parent in the present of the children.

Taking care of our children is very important in our society, it's the only things that we can do to have a peaceful environment. When a child is born, they were born with a clean hands but when they started growing from one steps to another in terms of ages, physical, moral and understanding the situation of life. At this stage it's the responsibility of a parent to give them the best moments of there life. children are the future of tommorow and it's the only mirror that parents and the society will be look up too for better tommorow but giving them the best knowledge will only guarantee the better tommorow.

However, the growth of a child may be determine by the environment because the children that lack the knowledge and understand on how to leave a better life tommorow will definitely sell your property when you are alive, and they can give parents unrest when it's time for them to rest in the olds days. our children need to be handled with a better hands and they need lecture on how it's important to be a good citizens to the country, the moment they are starting realize the basic concept of life will give the parents a good rest of life.

Before I drop my pen for today, children are the future of tommorow, the best things to write in the mind of a child is the knowledge of God and to teach them on how to be a good citizens to the society. As a parent, it's very important to teach our children so that they can give us a rest of mind in our old days. I want to use the time to appreciates every parent for there selfless service to the society. I will see you guys tomorrow when I will brings another interesting topic to discuss. Stay blessed.

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