Targeting Sweets on a Market Friday

Looks like there is clearly a rebel in the group!!! I always heard some of those gnomes have an ornery side!

Well it is time for another Market Friday which the always awesome @dswigle works hard to make a treat each and every week!!!


Dont these shelves look mighty similar?!?

Notice I had to bring out the red ink as we are getting closer to the holiday!!!


The funny thing is I have been hearing that due to the problems with the supply chain there have been issues with inventories. To combat this, some stores have gotten creative as far as displaying basically the same item over multiple shelves. Well this was at Target and it seemed like there was certainly an over abundance of shelves full of similar pajamas! I included three pictures of shelves that were over a vast amount of expensive real estate in that store that never normally would have been committed to essentially the same item!


Oh wait what do I see here?!?


Oh I had to have some!!!

The hot cocoa Kisses are to die for so I am told... Personally I am more of a donut or cake kind of guy.


Whoa, those are massive!!!

There are about three feet long.

I confess, I did buy one, but.....


The price tag was equally massive.



I really thought these would be a cool gift. In fact if I had to choose, I probably would want one of these. I am a fan of both brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Plus you get a decent piece of cast that is of a handy size. Not too shabby for 10 bucks.


I did spend a buck to get some of these candy cane peeps for a video review.


Overall I would say Target had a fine selection of candy and treats/


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Well, that was fun! I have never seen those huge boxes of candy. It looks like Halloween Candy, doesn't it? I know it isn't, but, they must think people are still quarantining? I have never had the candy cane peeps either. I just need to go to Target, I feel so out of touch. Although I liked the plaid jammies, I cannot believe the rows and rows of them. These stores are not going to do well. I feel sorry for them.

There really is nothing in the stores and I have had two orders canceled by Amazon or they say reorder if you don't get it by Tuesday. By Tuesday it was two weeks late. So, reorder or cancel. Seriously. My fruitcake citron still didn't come in. :( It is not my year, I think. Going to scout a tree to cut and tag it tomorrow, Then will go Thanksgiving weekend to take it down.

Well, thanks so much for the treats and the fun! Have a great night!

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I felt like a kid at the candy store haha
I love cake but I also loveeeee chocolates
So I would have grabbed a whole lot
And sour patch for the kids - I am not sure why they like it but...

But that cast iron is the one I really want :D

By the way, all those different flavoured kisses I have not seen here so that was cool


I love kisses! Well and those too. Just saying. 🤣


Fully equipped modern shop selling food,kitchen utensils and more,like yuor post.thank you


The holidays are here! And who can resist the bins of candy?


So many goodies, I haven't checked super shops yet, I will go at the beginning of December. I love buying and exploring Christmas decorations, super cute...Those soft toys are spot on :D