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Darn it! That would have been difficult to process. I do not like any of my gadgets to go missing, no matter how small or big. It can get me depressed. In fact, I thought I lost my Oraimo Freepods Pro once and was really bummed about it, and it's well over a year old now.

Xiaomi has a knack for jamming a lot of goodies into their products for a much lower price. I love that about them. But I'd still admit that Samsung is king at this time; I would not dispute that.

I know how interesting I found the A50 they released about three years ago, and then the A52, and then the A70. I have no doubt that the A72 model is incredible. I particularly like the A series. I believe there are a lot of considerations for a wide spectrum of users, and that you are indeed having a stellar experience.

You went full on review on this.

I mean, writing has now become something that I cannot do without; it's more like an extension of myself now. I just couldn't help myself.😁

I love putting out content now (the more reason I try to be more intentional with every day that passes), and really, I am considering sticking with a niche more often now. It's going to center around tech, as that's something I have always loved and have unconsciously grown a propensity to explore.

Thank you for the kind words, man.