Doubting Myself (1) : A Freewrite


Lost in a sea of confusion,
Drifting on a tide of fear,
I search the horizon for a sign,
A beacon to guide me here.

The winds of doubt they howl and moan,
Tugging at my weary sails,
I strive to find my compass,
To set my course and not fail.

I roam through streets of memory,
In hopes to find my way,
But past and present blur together,
And night turns into day.

I seek a light to guide my path,
A star to lead me home,
But all around is darkness,
And I am all alone.

But still I press on,
With determination in my heart,
For I know that I will find my way,
And a new and brighter start.

So I'll set my sails and ride the waves,
And trust the winds will guide,
For though I'm lost and searching,
I'll find my way in time.

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