Macrophotography // Dragonfly (Ischnura senegalensis)

Hi best friend photographylovers, How are you everyone, I hope all goes smoothly

On this occasion I will share some photos of dragonflies that I have, this is a type of dragonfly that is small and has a pretty beautiful color, in my place (Indonesia), we usually call it needle dragonfly

Ischnura senegalensis , also known as the common blue tail, swamp blue tail, the ubiquitous blue tail, the African blue tail and the Senegalese golden arrowhead, is a widespread damselfly of the family Coenagrionidae, native to Africa, via Middle East, to south and east Asia

I got this photo when I was about to clean the yard, and saw a pair of dragonflies flying around the grass

I'm not very familiar with photography techniques, and I've told you guys many times, but no one has any suggestions for it, but I'll still be excited and always share my best results with you guys

This dragonfly has a very bright color, and is rarely seen here, usually I see this dragonfly in green with a blue tail

Although they look the same, they are actually different dragonflies, to be precise, these are three dragonflies, but because they look exactly the same, I can't tell which one is the first and the third.

Well, those are some pictures that I have, I hope you like it, see you in the next post

Note; all photos are taken with a smartphone (redmi note 11 pro) and edited with picsart apk

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