Macrophotography // The beauty of gem fleas (insect)

How are you all friends, long time no see, is everything okay

This time I will share some photos of fleas that I found in the bushes, this fleas is very unique because it has a very bright color, and varies

Scutelleridae are a true insect family, they are commonly known as gem ticks or metal armor ticks because of their brilliant coloration, they are also known as shield-supported insects due to the enlargement of the thoracic scutellum into a continuous shield over the abdomen and wings. This last characteristic distinguishes them from most other families in the Heteroptera, and can lead to misidentification as beetles rather than insects, feeding on plant juices from a variety of different species, including some commercial crops. Closely related to smelly insects, they can also produce an unpleasant odor when disturbed. There are about 450 species worldwide


From the explanation above, it can be concluded that it is not a beetle but a gem louse which belongs to the insect group.

And here are some of my photos

Very beautiful isn't it, but very sad, this flea lost one leg, that's what made her unable to fly, if only she was bigger and still had legs maybe I would have tried to treat her, but her leg power is missing somewhere

I found these fleas when I was about to clean my backyard, there are lots of objects that can be used as macrophotography material, and as usual they like to fly here and there and I can't take pictures

I found these two fleas, the other one is smaller than the photo above, and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with this little flea, she still has her limbs intact, here's a photo of the tiny flea

The color is a bit different, this little one has a slightly brighter color than the previous one, I didn't get many pictures, because he can still fly, that's what made it difficult for me to photograph him

All photos above are original photos, I deliberately didn't edit them to make them look more natural and unique, although some photos have a little dark lighting, I use auto exposure on my cellphone, that's because I'm not a photographer, I only rely on cellphones and macro lenses to take this picture

Well, that's all I can post this time, ask for guidance from all of you

Note;all photos I took at the same location using a Redmi Note 11 Pro phone and a macro lens

My greetings to @derangedvisions @rima11 @borjan



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