The beauty of the sunset in the rice fields

Hello friends all, how are you, I hope all is well

It's been a long time since I've shared about sunset, because lately I've been a bit busy with personal things, so that's how it is

Until this afternoon, I was walking to find fresh air in the rice fields which are entering the rice planting season, I spent an hour here just to wait for the beauty of the sunset that will arrive

At first the sky looked clear as usual, but a few moments later, black clouds began to form and seemed to swallow the beauty of the sunset just like that, honestly I was a little disappointed because I had been waiting for an hour here, but just before the rain arrived I had time to take some pictures of the beauty of the sunset behind the clouds this black

Even though it was drizzling, I didn't give up, as long as the sunset was still visible I would still be here to take pictures, the only problem I faced was that my phone was wet and it was a little difficult to take pictures

It was raining heavily, thunder in the sky began to sound, it was a sign that it was better for me to go home and give up for safety, the vast expanse of rice fields was very prone to lightning, it was really scary

Before going home I also forced myself to take a few more sunset pictures before they were completely lost in the black clouds, and that's the only picture I got this time.

Yes, I'm a little disappointed, but there is still tomorrow which is certainly more beautiful than today, I hope you like it

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