Get Those Crates - Another WOO Land Cartel Pool

Authored by @arkasz


Buy your WOO plots through the Cartel and get your Legendary rewards!

Let me first introduce WOO and the offer they have, and then I will get to the real deal.

What is Wrestling Organization Online

WOO is the abbreviation for Wrestling Organization Online. This is a Play2Earn game with playable and sellable NFTs on the Hive blockchain.

In the game you will be able to manage a Wrestling Organization by

  • Arranging fights for your wrestlers and managers
  • Improve your own stadium where other players can compete
  • Create championship titles and tournaments with other players by joining promotions

For more info follow the project on:

@wrestorgonlineDiscord Twitter Twitch

What is WOO Land?

WOO Land is where the PvP fights happen. Basically you will manage a stadium in a city. You will try to improve the amount of Wrestling Fans and the money they are willing to spend on matches so Wrestling Organizations come to you to fight.

You get a small percentage on income from each fight won in your stadium.

Stadiums can be upgraded with WOO so that players (and also stadium owners) can earn more in the city. This will create a competition between stadium owners to attract Wrestling Organizations.

For more info on how this will work you can check out this post:
WOO Land Buying Guide: Land

The WOO Sale Details

During the current WOOPARTSUN ( name of the WOO land pack) sale you have the opportunity to get rewarded some unique packs for each pack purchased in July.

How does it work:

Common tier
Legendary tier
RequirementBuy packs on the WOO siteBuy packs on the WOO site, which total up to at least 2000 points till the end of July (see below points system)
Rewards1 common crate1 legendary crate and 5 common crates

Crates will be provided after July, so you can get packs during

Point system:

  • 10 points for each pack bought before this sale
  • 20 points for each pack bought with crypto in this sale
  • 40 points for each pack bought with woobucks in this sale

Woobucks is an in game currency. This is not a crypto asset. Woobucks are bought for fiat (paypal) on the WOO page. 1 Woobuck = 0.01$

Crate content:

Common crate
Legendary crate
Small to Medium amount of WOObucksMedium to Large amount of WOObucks
Small to Medium amount of tokensMedium to Large amount of WOO
Alternate skin for common managerAlternate Rare or greater Manager skin
Alternate entrance music for common to rare wrestlerAlternate entrance music Rare or greater
Entrance Pyro Skin for common or greater wrestlers
Terri Runnels NFT SB (Single or Multiple)
Terri Runnels NFT GB
1 gold belt Raven NFT
4 redemptions for a Create-a-wrestler (male, female, tag, and manager)
Player Titles

Creating new characters, the chance to get one of the 4 Terri Runnels GB cards, or a single GB Raven NFT (there are maybe 2 printed till now, and half of the packs are opened). These are all rewards, which could have a nice future value!

The Cartel-WOO account is already in the Legendary tier so we offer you to take a piece of the cake as well.

The Cartel Offer

From today till the 21st of July buy your packs with us.

  • We will buy the WOOPARTSUN pack and when the packs are distributed we will send all packs to you
  • For each WOOPARTSUN pack we ask you to send 21 SWAP.HBD to @cartel-woo : 20 SWAP.HBD for the pack + 1 SWAP.HBD for the service

We provide transparency as we did with the previous pool as well, as all transactions will be visible on the chain.

In case you have any questions feel free to reply to this post, look for the Cartel-WOO channel on the Cartel Discord or contact @arkasz directly.

Original WOO-Post: Your Chance For A 1-of-1 Gold Belt Raven & Terri Runnels Release - WOO Crates

What is the Cartel?

The Cartel is a Meta-Guild for play2earn games, with focus on the HIVE blockchain. We are investing into the games that are build on HIVE and hold a large amount of tokens and assets in most of them. They are being played and managed by our Cartel operators.

We are also running the @curation-cartel service, which is specialized on curating delegated HIVE tribe tokens, like #spt, #leo and our very own #oneup (for which we are currently building our own HIVE frontend for crypto gaming topics).

Further, we are constantly building new bots and tools on HIVE, like our own @cartel.swap service for SWAP.HIVE <-> HIVE and even SWAP.HBD <-> HBD, which you can find under

The CARTEL token gives holders co-ownership in our treasury, with various benefits.
This WOO Land Pool is one of them.

Thanks for listening, get this great deal and enjoy your summer!


If anyone has any questions about the offer, then feel free to ask!